Vivo 1610 Firmware Flash File Download

Vivo Y55s is a mid-budget smartphone from Vivo. The device is running on Android 6 marshmallow. If you feel that the OS is not good enough or you are looking to get rid of bloatware, you are in the right place.

vivo 1610 firmware

In this article, you will get the link for Vivo 1610 firmware and the flashing tool you need. So, without any further delay, let’s jump on our today’s article.

Download Vivo 1610 Firmware

If you are trying to install the Vivo 1610 Firmware Flash file on your phone, then, first you have to download it. And you won’t be able to flash the file without any support. So, for your convenience, here is the QFIL Flash Tool, also known as Vivo Flashing Tool.

Vivo Y55S EDL Point

Mobile engineers or repair specialists sometimes have to do a hard reset on fixing phones. Y55s model has EDL points to connect that with the PC. If you are having a problem with connecting your phone with a computer, follow these steps.

First, short the EDL points and connect the phone using a USB cable. If you don’t see any Qualcomm driver installation, then remove the battery. Again, short EDL points. Connect the USB cable and reconnect the battery now; you should get the successful installation of the ADB driver.

Vivo Y55S FRP Lock Unlock with UMT Dongle

Vivo Y55s also has an FRP feature on the security settings. And forgetting mobile passwords and patterns is a common mistake. But with the help of a UMT dongle, you will be able to unlock your phone.

  • Shut down your phone, which you want to unlock.
  • Connect it with your Personal Computer using the original cable.
  • Launch UMT Dongle Setup Tool on and select “Read & Tools.”
  • Now select the brand and phone model. (Brand: Vivo; Model: Y55S)
  • Click on Format Fs and wait for the tool to do its trick.
  • If you get a successful message, your phone will automatically restart.

How to Flash Vivo Y55S (1610)

Suppose you got the Vivo Firmware file now, how you can use the file to flash it on your Phone. You got the link to the needed tool also. But you may not know how you can use the tool properly. Then this is the section you need to check.

There are 2 available methods of doing the flashing process. You can follow either of them. One is with Recovery Mode on the Vivo Y55s, and the 2nd is with the tool. We will discuss both of the tricks in detail.

Check List

Well, flashing is not a complicated process, but it has some risks. You may find your phone dead if you do this in the wrong way. And flashing wrong firmware or corrupted files can lead to phone brick.

Some firmware age full of bloatware and bugs, so even if you flash them successfully, you can get phone hang and other software issues. So, to be on the safer side, you need to take some precautions.

  • Backup your personal data from the phone.
  • Back up of your stock ROM.
  • Keep at least 80% charge on the battery.
  • Download  Vivo Y55s USB Driver and install it on your PC.
  • Get the Vivo 1610 Fastboot and ADB driver from this Link.


Installing using the Recovery Mode

  • At first, download the Vivo Y55s Firmware Flash File from the above link.
  • Now using a USB cable, connect your phone and copy the file to the Memory card. You have to keep the file in the root directory, not in the subfolder.
  • Now you can remove the Memory Chip from your phone. And turn off your phone.
  • You have to power your phone in Fastboot recovery mode. In order to do that, press and hold the “volume up” and “power button” and wait for the screen to appear. Then release.
  • Once you are in the Fastboot mode, you need to choose “Recovery Mode.” So, you have to use the Volume buttons to choose and the Power button to select.
  • This will bring you to the Recovery Mode.
  • Here you will have to go to “Clear Data” and then “Clear All Data” on your Device.
  • After completing the process, select “Return” to access the main menu.
  • Now you have to select “Reboot System Now” and insert the SD card back on your phone.
  • Just after your phone reboots, enter into recovery mode. Then select “install updates.”
  • Locate the Flash Firmware select, and install it on your device.
  • Once the process is done now, you can enjoy the new Firmware.

Installing using Vivo Flashing Tool

  • First, download both the Vivo Y55s Firmware file and the QFIL flash tool on your computer.
  • Launch the Vivo Flash tool now.
  • Turn off your phone. Now you have to start your phone in “recovery mode” press both the “volume up” and the “power button” together. Connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • In the QFIL flash tool, click on browse and then choose the ROM file you downloaded for flashing Vivo 1610 firmware.
  • Once you selected the files now, you have to click on “Download” to start the flash process on Vivo Y55s phone.
  • Please wait for the software to do its work. When everything is done perfectly, you will get a “Success” Notification.
  • Now disconnect your phone and reboot; enjoy the new ROM on your device.


Now you know where you can get a Vivo 1610 Firmware flash file and what tools to use. We have described two easy methods for flashing the file. Use any one of them as you like.

Moreover, if you have a problem with FRP unlock or pattern unlock, that should also solve now. If you still have any confusion, then visit other pages of our website. We hope you’ll get your desired solution.

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