UMT QCfire Tool Latest Version V3.65 Download

If you want to manage your android device with Windows-based solution then you can use the UMT QCfire tools. These tools can ease your work and these can give you solution to some basic android issues.

UMT QCfire Tool

UMT stands for Ultimate Multi Tools and nowadays most of the android devices are Qualcomm supported, so to solve many android problems UMT QCfire tools are broadly used. To flash or restore ROM data or to remove pattern lock and to format data, UMT is a handy and convenient service to use. Though many links are available on Internet to download these tools on your PC/laptop, try to find out the real ones which won’t harm your PC/Laptop/Phone any further.

There are many special features of UMT and if you want to run any mobile repairing or mobile supporting center, UMT should be on your devices to get many options for solving android issues perfectly and in a short span of time.

  • Easy and free system of downloading of UMT is one of the advantageous features of this software.
  • Though it is famous for Qualcomm supported cellphones, some MTK supported phones are also available to be fixed with this.
  • If your device has issues with firmware then UMT QCfire tool allows you Flash Firmware and reset it.
  • Many of us forget our FRP locks or pins/passwords/pattern lock and this tool helps to bypass this FRP locks and reset it.
  • You can backup/restore/reset security.
  • You can use this tool easily on Windows7, Windows8, and Windows10.
  • Reset/disable any MI account for Xiaomi devices.
  • Boot repairing system, EDL authentication, forensic functions are included.
  • This tool provides one click root, one click unlock/relock, one click crack and this has simple user interface.
  • UMT can ease WIFI tasks and erase dangerous virus from mobile
  • Feature of unlocking network system along with IMEI repair.
  • User can repair boot of Motorola, OPPO, Samsung and XIAOMI phones.
  • Google lock and verification system can be reset with this.
  • Resetting or removing face lock and fingerprint.
  • Along with factory reset tasks, UMT provides the facilities of formatting data.

UMT QCfire tool Support Brand

Many famous brands and devices support UMT QCfire tools to renovate android issues. Such as:


  • M11
  • A70-50
  • A70-5W
  • A70-5YN


  • Mirror 5


  • Redmi note 8
  • Redmi note 8T
  • Blackshark 1
  • Mi 8
  • Mi CC9


  • AscendG630
  • P9 lite mini


  • V11 Pro
  • Y51


  • Tommy 2


  • Wp005








  • Nokia 6
  • Nokia 8

UMT QCfire tool Support Recent Update

Recent updates of UMT QCfire tools are mostly from 2020 and many versions are available online. Anyone can download the updated versions in PC/laptop. Some recent updated 2020 versions are:

  • UMT QCfire v6.2b
  • UMT QCfire v6.1
  • UMT QCfire v6.0
  • UMT QCfire v5.9
  • UMT QCfire v5.8
  • UMT QCfire v5.7
  • UMT QCfire v3.4setup
  • UMT QCfire v2.7.0setup
  • UMTv2_UMTPro_UltimateFRP (for FRP lock)- v0.5
  • UMTv2_UMTPro_UltimateFRP (for FRP lock)- v0.3

How to Install UMT QCfire tool

To avail all the features and adequacy of Ultimate Multi Tool, the perfect installation of driver and tool is needed. Many user friendly websites and links are available online to download and we have to find the scam-free links. The installation process of UMT QCfire tool covers the points which are written below-

  • Before installing UMT tool, we suggest you to install Qualcomm and MTK drivers to not make any error of detecting devices. Download universal Qualcomm USB drivers through search engines and for MTK supported devices, download MTK VCOM Devices.
  • Then find out the desired UMT and download it.
  • Extract the zipped downloaded file with WinRAR according to your operating system. WinRAR is a built-in software in all most every computer.
  • Operating systems of your computer can be 32bit or 64bit and the file of installing UMT is different for both OS.
  • Once done, install the Ultimate Multi Tool into your computer with the instructions came into your screen.
  • Along with the normal basic version, you can install FRP bypass tool to ease your work of bypassing.
  • After installing the files, you are all set to go with UMT to fix android issues.

Many users crack or root their devices to use many advanced options on their android phones. And it leads to many types of problems. Then if the user wants to get back their old features to restore, they can use the Ultimate Multi Tool or UMT QCfire tool to restore data as well as bypass FRP security or any other required functions.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is UMT QCfire?

Android users sometimes face complications while using it. And UMT QCfire is one kind of implement to repair android issues and it is mainly Windows-based software for mostly every kind of androids as QC (Qualcomm) is now a built-in feature in almost every devices.

2. What is UMT tool?

Ultimate Multi Tool/UMT tool is mainly used to flash stock firmware, reset lock, format data, verify Google account, bypass FRP, unencrypt device, restore Mi account/Samsung account, restore data or reset fingerprint on any Qualcomm powered Android phones. It is one of the most easily used tools to overhaul unwanted android issues with PC/Laptop as it is a Windows based program.

3. How do you use Ultimate Multi Tool?

If you want to use Ultimate Multi Tool to manage any android device, you will need a PC/Laptop. You have to install proper device driver or USB driver to install the UMT tool to work, after unzipping and following every on-screen instructions, you will be able to use it. As various kinds of task can be done through this tool so every task needs different systems.

For example: if you have VIVO phone and you want to delete your pattern lock or reset it, you have to set up the device name and problem. Next you will get further instructions on screen.

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