UMT MTK Tool V3.7 Setup File Download Updated 2021

With the changing world we people are continuously updating ourselves – be it trying out new technologies or getting exposed to new information. Ultimate Multiple tool is a tool that primarily helps Android OS users in writing the Stock ROM and managing and resetting the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) along with User Locks and Patterns.


In this digital era, not only information consumption but also security issues and information distribution play an inexorable role in the daily life of people.

In order to have the information secured we use firmware, user locks and patterns in our devices and UMT MTK helps us manage these stuffs in our Mediatek powered devices.

Well, the good news is the toolkit has come up with the latest version of it which is UMT MTK V3.7. Let’s see what new features and other additional functions it has arrived with.

The latest version UMT MKTV3.7 presents you the advanced features such as IMEI repair in Boot or Meta Mode, backup and restore NVRAM, reboot to FASTBOOT mode, reset FRP, User locks, and patterns with the existing ones but it does not support any Encrypted user data.It has added some additional support for Helio CPU ( MT6750, MT6755, MT6763, MT6739) and Helio X20 ( MT6797).

It removes locks for  encrypted data for only Vivo but resets FRP for Vivo,  Oppo and other devices. There are Format FS and Format FS (advance option) and

Safe-Format option that helps the device recover itself by formatting safely.

UMT MTK Tool Support Brands :

The new UMT MTK V3.4 tool can be installed in Windows (64 and 86 bit) operating system.

Since it is not a crack, you have to have a UMT BOX or Dongle in your device to run the tool.

It supports your Android OS V5 and above.

The features and functions include safe formatting and flashing for your device. It offers you the service of resetting the user locks and patterns with FPR ( Factory Reset Protection).

The tool gives you the best experience of working safely with your confidential data and removing the excess data.

UMT MTK Tool Support Of Models :

The models that are supported by the latest version of the UMT MTK tool include,

  • Buzz 1 plus (ACE)
  • Grand M3 (BLU)
  • Life 10 Pro (CITYCALL)
  • Inspire A380 Mini (GRIGHT)
  • S5 Lite (X652B) (INFINIX)
  • Z10 (LAVA)
  • K6000 pro (OUKITEL)
  • Noir X250 (QMOBILE)
  • Q Infinity Prime
  • My Star X (STARLIGHT)
  • B1s (STREAM)
  • Camon 12 Pro (TENCO)
  • IT1250 (iTEL).

The new features included are applicable for these device models but are also applicable for some other devices too based on the functions.

How to Install UMT MTK Tool :

Before installing the tool you have to have UMT BOX or Dongle in your device to run the tool. The V3.7 version is scanned with antivirus, so you do not have to be worried that It contains virus or any harm for your device.

You have to install and extract the UMT MTK 3.7 setup file. Then you will download and install the MTK USB driver on the computer.

After installing you have to go to Flashtab and select Firmware and connect your device into flash mode and for resetting FRP and Screen Lock, go to tools tab and select reset FRP and Format FS respectively.

Beware of taking BACKUP of all your information before running the tool in your device.

At this point of time we all are surrounded by information. “Work From Home” has allowed us remote working. It is an advantage for remote working and gathering  data being in our comfort zone. To be proactive and be in pace for work, nowadays almost all of us need to be familiar with technology because technology has brought us way more innovation and comfort than anything else has. The UMT MTK has updated itself into V3.4 and added innovative features and functions to it to make you feel more comfortable and secured working with your device. It cares for your security and comfort. So, download the latest version of the tool now and get the experience. 

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