UMT Dongle Setup File Download (All Modules)

UMT Dongle is a safe software used for CDMA and GSM handsets for flashing, removing the password, unlocking the network, servicing, etc. Let’s take a close look into these acronyms, where GSM is The Global System for Mobile Communications, CDMA is Code-Division Multiple Access, and UMT is the Ultimate Multi-Tool.

UMT Dongle

Once I faced some problems on my android Smartphone and called one of my friends to help me solve them. He asked me, ‘Do you have UMT on your pc?’ I answered no, and asked him, ‘why would I need this tool?’

So, he explained that I could flash the stock firmware on my Qualcomm processor device and get rid of the problems by using this tool. This is an easy-using tool that runs on Windows pc and manages any devices.

To know more about it, we have to dig in.

What is UMT Dongle?

UMT Dongle not only helps in servicing, unlocking the network, flashing firmware, but it also has some advanced repair features. One of them is Universal Per so Unlock which helps to unlock any model and brand. So, whenever you face any of these problems while using your phone or tablet, you can quickly solve them with this software.

Now, a question may arise in your mind that, ‘Is the software free or you have to but it?’ Well, the answer is, you can get them either way. There are some free versions of software on the internet, through which you can flash the stock firmware and some other works.

But if your device faces some stubborn issue, then you need to buy the software. The UMT Dongle price varies from shop to shop, and also, the updated versions may cost more than the older ones.

Is UMT Dongle crack without box useful?

You can read lock codes, detect phone patterns, flash the firmware directly using UMT Dongle Crack Without Box. You can unlock almost all types of locks, like alphabetical or numeric. Also, sometimes when you lock your phone with a thumbnail and cannot open it, you can use the UMT combination to unlock all types of locks. It calculates all kinds of codes on your devices. Some features are given below:

  • It opens Country lock.
  • Removes Sim-lock.
  • Protects smart card.
  • Opens pattern locks and pin locks.
  • Read and write Firmware.
  • Removes Samsung FRP lock.
  • Repairs IMEI, BT/ WIFI.

So, now you can surely assume how helpful this Dongle crack is. It easily and quickly solves all issues on your phone or tablet.

Download UMT Dongle QCFire Setup File

UMT Dongle QCFire is one of the powerful tools for Qualcomm chipset devices. With the help of this tool, you can write down the firmware on your Smartphones or tablets. So, let’s dig in to see its features, function, the model of the devices it supports, and the download method.


  • This tool helps you to flash the firmware on your Qualcomm Smartphones and tablets.
  • It can simply bypass the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) locks on your android devices.
  • You can download this tool for free and without any restrictions.
  • It can also reset the MI account lock and the FS.
  • You do not need to install any additional drivers as this one includes all the required drivers. 
  • This tool is straightforward to use and has a simple interface which is very handy.

Support Model:

This tool supports the devices which have Qualcomm chipset. All the android devices such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Nokia, Motorola, Vivo, etc.


Many of you may not know how to do UMT Dongle setup or download it. So, I’ll describe below:

  • At first, download the Qualcomm USB driver, and if you already have it, skip this step.
  • Then, download the Ultimate Multi Tool (UMT) on your computer.
  • Afterward, extract the Drivers zip file.
  • Then for a 32-bit CPU, install instDrv_stdRK200.exe, and for a 64-bit CPU, install instDrv_stdRK200_64bit.exe.
  • Lastly, you have to install the UMT on your laptop or pc.
  • Once you complete the installation, you are done.

After downloading the tool, connect it with your device and get rid of the problems you face.

Here is The Download Link:

Download UMT Dongle MTK Module Setup File

This setup file works for both UMT and UMT Dongle pro. This tool is best for MediaTek (MTK) devices. It is effortless to use and works only with a click. You can also write the stock ROM on your MediaTek device using this tool. For more details, take a look inside.


  • This tool helps you to reset FRP and user lock.
  • It can read patterns on android 5.x and earlier versions.
  • You can repair the IMEI in boot mode or meta.
  • It can both backup and restore NVRAM.
  • Flashing the stock ROM or Firmware is very easy using this tool.
  • It can also reset the FS advanced and FS.

Support Models:

This tool does not support all the device models. It works on some exceptions MTK devices. The support models are Realme 1, Realme 3i, Realme 3, Realme C2, Realme C11, Realme C12, Realme C15, R15, Reno Lite, Reno 2f, F5, F7, F9, F11, F15, F9 Pro, F7 Youth, F5 Youth, F11 Pro, A1, A3, A8, A9, A12, A31, A72, A73, A79, A83, A91, A11k, A1k, A1s, A5s, A7n, A83 Pro, and A9x.


Some of you know how it works, and some don’t. So, if you don’t know about it, go through the below-described steps.

  • Firstly, you have to download the MTK USB driver and then install it on your pc.
  • After that, download the UMT MTK File setup.
  • Then, extract and install the file.

That’s how you can install the file on your computer. Now let’s look at how to write firmware and reset FRP.

  • For writing firmware, Open the tool, go to the flash tab, choose firmware, connect the device into flash mode and click flash. That’s how it is done.
  • For resetting FRP, likewise Open tool, go to the FRP tab, connect the device into flash mode and click on the Format FS. Then it’s done.

Here is the download link

Download UMT Dongle GSM Tool Setup File

This tool works on MTK, Exynos, and Qualcomm devices. UMT GSM is a small tool that can quickly solve any issues on your smartphones or tablets. Want to dig in for more information? Let’s take an eye on the below description.


  • Flashing the stock ROM.
  • Helps to repair the IMEI issues.
  • You can also write a QCN file.
  • This tool enables you to remove the FRP lock.
  • It allows you to unlock the Hi-silicon, QLM, Exynos, MTK powered devices.
  • This tool comes in a zip package that contains the tutorial, tool, and driver.

Support Models:

This tool supports the android device that has Qualcomm, MTK, and Exynos chipsets. Any smartphone or tablet brand like Vivo, Nokia, Xiaomi, etc., can solve its problems if they contain the following chipset.


The download mechanism is pretty much like the other ones. Those who do not know how to do it, go through the description below:

  • At first, download the package and then extract it.
  • After extracting the file, you will see a tutorial, tool, and a driver.
  • Then install the USB driver and the UMT GSM on your computer.

In a way, you can have the tool on your pc. And then, based on the problems, you will have to open the tool, select the desired tab, connect your device and click flash. That’s how the tool works.

Here is The Download Link:

Download UMT Dongle HST Tool Setup File

This is a small tool that works on the Hi Silicon powered devices. If you face any difficulty while using your phone, then with the help of this tool, you can get rid of the problem. All the information related to this tool is stated below.


  • You can write the stock ROM on your device.
  • Using this tool, you can rest the user lock and the FRP.
  • You can also remove, flash or unlock the factory reset protection.
  • You can write the Huawei board firmware on your smartphones and tablets.

Support Models:

 You can use this UMT Dongle HST tool on any Huawei device having the Hi Silicon chipset. Any model of Huawei devices will work using this tool if it faces any issue while using the phone. Be the model, old, or brand new; you can resolve your problems with this tool.


You maybe know or may not know how to download and use the UMT HST tool. This one is no exception to the other tools. The download mechanism is all the same.

You just need to download the tool from the link and then install it on your pc. Then download the USB driver if it is not installed on your computer. Once you get it, use it according to the problem you face.

UMT PRO HST Tool also works excellent as it is the updated version of this tool. You can use anyone which will help you with all the complications. If you cannot find the link, then look below as I’ve attached the link here:

UMT Dongle Driver Download And Feature Guide

This is a dongle-based device that was also used as a flashing solution a long time ago. It can fix, repair and flash IMEI issues, unlock mobile, remove passwords, security codes, patterns or NVM, etc. This dongle driver has some latest features and advanced repairing services. Some are given below:

  • Bypassing the device.
  • Connectivity.
  • Solving the FRP problems.
  • Ensuring to unlock the passwords and pink locks of some specific devices.
  • Repairing the device.

If you face any difficulty downloading the driver, you can install a small UMT Dongle Support application. It will help you download the UMT Setup files, drivers, firmware, QCN files, etc.

So, you can also install this UMT Dongle driver while using the tool on your computer and solve the connection error.

UMT Dongle Update Manager

Sometimes while using the tool, it will show you, ‘Please use update manager or card manager to update the UMT tool.’ That time you need to use this Dongle update manager program on your pc to update it.

The new version of such tool releases almost every year, and whenever an update is done, you will also be notified to update your one. So, keep up to date with your dongle device with the latest software and flash devices more by installing new versions of Dongle update manager.

Here is The Download Link:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What is a UMT QC Fire?

Answer: UMT QC Fire is a utility software that is Windows-based, and it is used on Android Qualcomm chipset devices to flash the stock firmware, bypass FRP lock, remove locks, etc.

2. What is UMT Smart card?

Answer: UMT smart card is a dongle-based device used to flash, fix and repair IMEI issues and problems.

3. How does UMT Dongle work?

Answer: UMT Dongle needs to be installed on your pc first, and then you can flash or remove passwords, unlock network, etc., on your GSM and CDMA handsets.

4. What is UMT Dongle Pro?

Answer: UMT Dongle Pro is a combination of Avengers Dongle and UMT Dongle. It flashes, repair BT, wipe phones, removes google account and screen lock.


UMT Dongle is software that can resolve any problem on your phone. Now, whenever your device’s screen gets locked, FRP-related problems arise; flashing the stock ROM of your devices can be done easily using this dongle.

Along with these features, there are many more which will make your work easier. If you install this software on your pc and connect it with your phone or tablet, you can resolve the complications all by yourself.

You can use different UMT tools for specific phone models. So, you can download the desired one, which can quickly give you a solution, and thus, you can get rid of the trouble. Now, you don’t need to run to the showrooms when you face any difficulty; you can just get the software on your pc and clear up the mess.

I hope now you have a good conception of it after reading the whole discussion.

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