UMT Dongle LG Tool V0.5 Setup File Download

Do you have a hardware or software problem with your phone? And your phone came from the LG brand. So finally, you landed in the article. Well, it is the right place you’re looking for.

Now you will know which tool you need to solve your problem.

So, in this article, we will share information about UMT Dongle LG Tool and provide you the link to download –UMT Dongle LG Tool V0.5 Setup File.

Download UMT Dongle LG Tool

If you are trying to flash KDZ flash firmware, this tool will help you to do it. LG smartphones support KDZ bases Custom and Stock ROM. You can use the Ultimate Multi Tool Dongle to Flash any LG smartphone and Tablet.

Moreover, you can unlock any LG device. Fix the unlocked device either you forgot the password or pattern. Reset the unlocked phone and break the phone lock. The tool even allows you to unlock Factory Reset Protocol on your phone.

The Feature of UMT Dongle LG Tool:[Latest Version]

The Ultimate Multi-Tool Dongle LG tool actually is a multipurpose tool. It is so full of features that the name of the tool suits it perfectly. You can do almost everything you need to fix on a phone. From hardware bugs to software bugs, it can handle anything you throw at it.

Here is a list of features that you can get from this tool:

  • It can read and write KDZ flash files. Basically, LG smartphones support KDZ, DZ, and TOT Ultimate LG Firmware only. You can use this tool to both Read or Write these ROM on your phone.
  • If you want to install a new ROM in LG, you will need it in QIFL format. This tool can extract the firmware in that format.
  • You can fix both IMEI and MEID.
  • Factory Reset Protection Unlocking is a great feature of this tool.
  • You can reset the screen lock if you forget the password, or you can completely remove it by using the tool.
  • Remove Google ID from your Device to set up a new profile.
  • It can fix software Bug in the Bluetooth receiver of the phone.
  • You can add SD card protection to save your Data.

How to Use UMT Dongle LG Tool

Don’t get panicked that it might be a hell of a tough job to operate the tool and device because this is much easy to use the tool than the complicated jobs it can do. But here is a step-by-step guide for you.

  • First, Download and extract the files on your Windows PC. The tools work only on Windows PC.
  • Install the UMT Dongle LG tool.
  • Now you have to download and install the LG ADB driver. If you have the driver already, you can skip this.

Purpose of Use

  • Flashing: For flashing an LG device, you have to launch the tool and select the flash tab. Select the firmware KDZ file and click download. Your ROM will flash in a few minutes.
  • Screen Unlock: To bypass the lock screen, you have to format the device. Connect your phone with the computer. Select the Services tab and then click download. Now choose Format FS. This will remove the screen lock.
  • Factory Reset Protection: The method is almost like removing a screen lock. Connect your phone, then choose the Services tab. Click on Download, then click again on FRP Reset. And your device is FRP Unlocked.


Well, we tried to give you an idea about UMT Dongle LG Tool and how you can set it up. You can use this tool to make your problems gone in seconds. We hope you got everything you desired to know.

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