SPD Research Download Tool (All Version) Updated 2021

SPD research tool helps you to flash the firmware on all the SPD-based android devices. It is a small windows utility and also known as Spreadtrum flash tool. If you face any problems like moving data from phone to pc or the firmware on flashing stock, you need to use it to solve them all.

Once I also faced such issues on my android smartphone, I went to a device showroom to fix this problem. There they used the Research Tool SPD to flash the stock firmware. Before that, they asked me, ‘did you took a backup of your personal data?’ I answered that yes, I have because I knew that flashing the firmware would wipe all my data.

To learn more about the different versions of the tool and how to apply it, let’s dig in.

Some features of the SPD tool:

SPD research tool will help you to deal with complications on Unisoc or Spreadtrum chipset devices. Some of the main features of the SPD tool are mentioned below:

1.Flash recovery:

On your Spreadtrum or Unisoc devices, you can flash the stock recovery using it. It also helps you to flash any root package or custom recovery on your smartphones or tablets.

2. Simple interface:

Clicking on the load firmware button, you can select the stock firmware quickly as it comes with an easy interface. You can also access the LCD configuration, tool’s setting, multi-languages, and flash operations.

3. Flash stock firmware:

On the Unisoc or Spreadtrum chipset-powered devices, you can easily flash the pac based stock firmware. This tool is more practical and convenient than the SPD upgrade tool.

These are some of the characteristics of this tool. But you can always use the Latest SPD Research Download Tool for better function on your device. Stay updated and choose the best one that will suit your smartphone or tablet.

How to use the SPD Research tools?

SPD Research Download Tool R4.0.0001 is one of the good tools that you can install on your pc to get rid of all your problems. It allows you to flash the Pac flash file ROM, remove the factory reset protection, repairing and unlocking on your Spreadtrum powered devices.

Many of you do not know the ways to use it, so let’s see below how it works:

  • At first, install and extract your desired SPD tool.
  • Then extract the stock ROM on your pc.
  • You have to download and install the SPD USB drive on your pc, and if you already have it, skip this step.
  • Afterward, open the SPD research tool and click on the firmware loading button.
  • Now locate the flash file, and the format must be Pac.
  • Then, click the start button and connect your device by holding Volume down or Volume up.
  • It will start and wait for the procedure to complete.
  • Don’t worry, as your device may restart many times during this process.
  • It is going to restart when it is finally done flashing the stock ROM.

You can install and use any tool, including SPD Research Download Tool R2.9.7002 using this method. Choose the latest version of the tool for your device.

The way to install a USB drive on a computer:

As some of you may not know, have a USB drive installed on your pc or do not know how to download it. So, have a look at the below description to learn the method:

  • Firstly, download the latest edition of the Spreadtrum USB driver.
  • Then using the 7zip, extract the installed program file, and you’ll see an available system manager.
  • Afterward, click go to the motion for connecting the hardware to history.
  • Click next as soon as you see a pop-up window on the screen.
  • Then, select ‘Download the hardware that I have manually select from the list’ and click next.
  • Select the option ‘Show all devices’ and click to browse.
  • From the USB extracted drive folder, select .inf file.
  • Open the file and click to install.
  • Lastly, please wait for it to finish, and it’s done.

So, in a way, you can download the SPD USB drive on your computer to flash the stock firmware on your device whenever you face a problem. Also, after the installation process is completed, restart your pc once. You will get plenty of tools on the internet, that’s why visit some websites to get the original one.

The List Of SPD Research Download Tool

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What is the SPD upgrade tool?

Answer: It is an application used for Windows pc and helps you install or flash .pac firmware on your Unisoc/Spreadtrum chipset devices.

2. How to edit a .pac file?

Answer: Select Pac file from the proxy auto-configuration list, then edit the name as PAC file. Lastly, modify the contents of the file and click save.

3. How will I understand if the Pac file is working or not?

Answer: You have to change the settings from the proxies, and then you will see a Pac file address to know whether it’s working or not.

4. Why are SPD drivers used?

Answer: On the android Spreadtrum-powered devices, SPD drivers are being used as its full form is  Spreadtrum USB driver.

5. Can I custom the ROM without rooting?

Answer: You indeed can install custom ROM on your android devices without rooting by using the flash tool.


SPD Research Tool will help you resolve any problems that might occur on your android smartphones or tablets having Spreadtrum chipset. You can update or flash your device using this tool and get rid of all the complications.

If your device faces software difficulty, you can repair your phone with stock ROM or firmware with the help of the SPD tool. So, download the tool and flash out all the inconvenience out from your phones. And now you know every way to download the application and use it accordingly without any struggle. It is as simple as it is described.

I hope you can resolve all your problems yourself after going through the whole illustration.

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