Samsung USB Driver V1.5.33.0 Download For Windows

What could be a better alternative to pc suite for Android users? At present, the answer would be Samsung USB driver V1.5.33.0.

Samsung USB driver V1.5.33.0

As per a user review, this tool has made his life easier. Mainly, its versatile connectivity has played a crucial role. He can now connect all kinds of Samsung devices using this one driver.

Thus, it saved storage space for his instrument and eventually improved his computer’s speed.

This article will illustrate some key features of this driver from different aspects. Hence, you might read further to explore this new wonder in detail.

Why Samsung USB Driver V1.5.33.0 driver

In this era of the Internet of Things, integration is a much-needed benefit. We now use various types of devices. As a result, coherence among these devices can ensure a better experience for all.

Various tools and techniques are now available for developing such interconnection. Samsung USB Driver for Windows is one of them. It connects many devices of that exact brand with PC.

A brief discussion about Samsung V1.5.33.0 driver

Previously people used Samsung Kies pc suit for connecting devices. However, users have faced difficulties during synchronizing with different systems. Therefore, new alternates appeared with more accessible features. Samsung USB driver V1.5.33.0 is one such user-friendly software.

It connects handheld devices such as smartphones, or tablets, to the operating system. The specialty is you don’t need to install pc suite if you have this particular software. The driver helps you connect Samsung devices such as Galaxy tab, android phones to the computer’s operating system.

One can root, install ROM, recover or transfer data with this driver. With a USB cable, anybody can enjoy the benefits of this version.

For Mobile usage

Samsung USB Driver V1.5.33.0 is one of the advanced versions. Thus, it will perform well as a Samsung Galaxy USB driver.   You may use this edition to connect all ranges of the android tab and smartphone of this particular brand.

At present, people tend to do many tasks through their handsets. There are various android apps with many features. Thus. Now it is more common for users to connect their cell phones to PC frequently.

 As a Samsung mobile USB driver, version V1.5.33.0 suits pretty well. This model blends well with all the devices. Similarly, the program is easy to read for popular operating systems too. Therefore, it is a wise choice for people of all ages and preferences.

Media Transfer

Most users connect their phone or tab to pc for sharing pictures or videos. Usually, you will see many media transfer protocols for exchanging these files. They interconnect PC and android devices for sharing images, videos, music, etc.

For better performance, many types of Samsung MTP USB Drivers are available. However, these programs often face various errors and failures. Thus, using the latest version of the Samsung USB driver would be a wise option.

Tethering Facility

Hotspot connectivity has been pretty famous nowadays. With this function, one can use a mobile’s Internet data on a PC. With a USB cable or Bluetooth connection, people now share an Internet connection between pc and handsets.

Using a Samsung USB tether driver, you can also enjoy this connectivity. This attractive feature works well with the V1.5.33.0 version of this brand.

Download and Installation 

 Samsung USB driver V1.5.33.0 is free and available on various tech-based sites. Anyone can download Zip file from those sites.

When you are done downloading the zip file, extract it. Upon extraction, the setup file will appear. You need to open that file and select next.

When you are done downloading the zip file, extract it. Upon extraction, the setup file will appear. You need to open that file and select next.

Lastly, choose the install option to begin the process. This task might take 1-2 minutes, and lastly, you need to restart the PC. After following these steps, you can easily use Samsung USB driver V1.5.33.0 for connecting your devices.

Alternately, you might use an SDK manager for installation. This tool has its universal benefit. You can use it for any operating system.

For example, if you want a Samsung USB Driver for Mac, the ADB installer could help you out. This download manager is a handy tool for android apps.

Additional Tools 

Some associating programs will improve your experience with this driver. These are ;

Stock Firmware:  It is the software you need to manage various applications of your phone’s operations.

Odin Downloader tool: Sometimes, you might need to root the device. Also, for android users flashing a particular software is shared. Odin state would help you perform these tasks.

Z3X Samsung Tool PRO You will need it while writing stock ROM. Also, this file helps reset the factory required if you need it, in case.


This driver is reportedly safe to use as per developers. However, the hybrid-analysis user states something else. According to their finding, it does contain malicious spyware. 

Thus this app might have access to your information. Thus it is better to use antivirus to check its threats.

Frequently Asked Questions about Samsung USB Driver V1.5.33.0

1.What is the size of this program?

On average, you might need a maximum of 15 MB of space for this zip file. With the time being, the file size might reduce as well. 

 2.What are the trustable sites for downloading the driver?

You will find it on the official website of Samsung driver. Pages named GSM official and   Softpedia also contain the zip file as well.

3.Which systems are compatible with this USB driver?

This file is adaptable in every Samsung device and all the famous operating systems like windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

4.What are the risks of using this file?

 This device driver is overall safe for all. However, it might have unauthorized access to some of the user’s information.

5.Who developed this version?

Samsung Electronics introduced it for users to enjoy a better experience.


Altogether, Samsung USB driver V1.5.33.0 is a compact solution to connectivity requirements. This one tool is good enough to work as media manager. Additionally, the software contains secured data sharing facility too.

Most of the users thus now prefer this device driver to pc suites. This tool is less likely to fail establishing an interconnection. Which makes it a user friendly and time saving software.

Most of the users thus now prefer this device driver to pc suites. This tool is less likely to fail establishing an interconnection. Which makes it a user friendly and time saving software.

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