Samsung J110H Android 4.4.4 Root File Download

No one can deny that rooting is the best way to utilize a smartphone. Smartphones are meant to be work as a mini-computer. But most developer stops users by some software. Yet, they have allowed using root by the user’s responsibility.

Samsung J110H Root File

You may lose the warranty after rooting your device, but it will open new ways to use your phone. Many tools and apps need root permission to work perfectly. If you don’t like the font, then you can’t change it unless you have a root. So, here is the Samsung J110H Root file to root your phone in minutes.

Download Samsung J110H Android 4.4.4 Root File

After rooting your Samsung J1 Ace device, you will be able to access any file on your phone. You will be able to change any information in your system file. Fix the kernel version, rewrite IMEI, and much more.

You will be able to break developers’ limitations and use the phone for any purpose. Installing a custom ROM, Change the OS to Windows or Linux. Removing system apps and whatever apps ask for root access, you can use them all.

And with a Flashing tool, you can root your phone with this Samsung J110H CF Auto Root File.

Download Samsung J110H Pre-Rooted Firmware

Now, if you are not able to root the Samsung J1 smartphone, don’t worry. We have the solution. With A flashing tool like Odin, you can flash a pre-rooted firmware in your phone. That will be just enough, like rooting the stock firmware.

Now you can root a device, but the OS version remains the same. If you root a J1 phone, it would still be version 4.4 KitKat. But you can also root it with a Lollipop version rooted firmware.


Samsung J1 Pre-Rooted Firmware 4.4.4  Country: Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka

Samsung J1 Pre-Rooted Firmware 4.4.4Country: India

Samsung J1 ACE Pre-Rooted Firmware 4.4.4Country: Morocco

Samsung J1 ACE Pre-Rooted Firmware 4.4.4Country: Singapore

Samsung J1 ACE Pre-Rooted Firmware 4.4.4Country: India


Samsung J1 Pre-Rooted Firmware 5.1.1

Samsung J1 ACE Pre-Rooted Firmware 5.11 Country: Panama

How To Root Samsung J110H With Latest Root File

Before you root your phone, remember you won’t be able to claim a warranty anymore. And any issue that appears after rooting the Samsung won’t take any responsibility.


  • Take a backup of all the personal data.
  • Keep at least 80% charge on your phone.
  • Download USB Drivers.


  • Download and install the Odin tool V3.14.4.
  • Install the Samsung USB Driver for the Samsung device.
  • Download the Samsung J110H CF Auto Root File you want to flash from the above links and extract it in a folder.
  • Shut Down your Samsung J1 Phone.
  • Press and hold the volume down, the power button, and the home button at once.
  • Tap the volume up button when your screen appears with a warning.
  • Now open the Odin tool.
  • When the tool launches nicely, now connect your phone with the PC by a USB cable.
  • You should see the “Added” message in the log area when your phone connects.
  • Click on ‘AP’ and locate the root file.
  • Select the root file from the folder and click start.
  • Wait until the process completes and your phone restarts.


Samsung J1 is an old version phone from Samsung. You have to root it if you want to enjoy the new Operating Systems. And unlike some companies, Samsung doesn’t allow a user to access the system files. So, if you are an advanced user, you can root it using our method.

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