Samsung G610 ADB Enable File Download

Samsung J7 Prime is a state-of-the-art smartphone. The phone comes with so many features that you can’t even count. But once you forget the Password or brick your phone anyhow, that might be troublesome. So here is a helping guide with the Samsung G610 ADB Enable File download link to solve your FRP problem.

Samsung G610F Combination File

Samsung G610F Combination File is a pre-enabled USB debugging and OEM unlocker. The combination file can vary according to the phone’s model and region. You have to be smart and get the right one for your phone.

Using this file, you will be able to flash new firmware, remove Factory Reset Protection, and much more.

Samsung J7 Prime ADB Enable ENG Boot File Download Link

You have to flash the file on your device to get the best out of the ENG boot file. You can use any flashing tool for that purpose. The most popular one is the Odin tool. However, you can use Tools like Miracle box Thunder, FRP Hijacker, Z3X, etc.

Download: Samsung G610 ADB Enable File

How to Use Samsung G610 ADB Enable File for Remove Google Account

Using the Samsung G610 ADB Enable File, you can remove the factory reset protection. With this operation, you will be able to remove your Google Account from your device.

For that, you will need some pre-requirements:

  • Install ADB driver for Samsung smartphone on your Windows Computer.
  • Any flashing tool like Odin or Z3X will work. We recommend official Odin.
  • Samsung G610 ADB Enable File from our source.
  • Now download and extract the Samsung G610 ADB enable file on your computer.
  • Please turn off the phone you want to unlock and start it in Boot mode for that press volume down, power button, and home button at the same time.
  • Using your original USB cable, insert the phone into your computer.
  • Launch Odin tool and “Run as Administrator.”
  • Once your computer driver finds your phone, you will get a notification sound.
  • Select the Options tab on Odin and tick “Auto Reset” and “F. Reset Time.”
  • Using the “AP” or “PDA” button, select the Combination file.
  • Now click on AutoStart and wait for the process to finish.
  • Now your device will reboot and enable USB Debugging and OEM unlock automatically.

Remove FRP

The Combination file usually removes the FRP lock automatically. Yet you may get the lock. So, here is what you can do.

  • You can choose either Z3X or Odin. Z3X is better in the use of ease.
  • Connect your phone with the PC using a USB cable.
  • Select the phone model, in that case, Samsung J7 prime SM-G610F.
  • Navigate to FRP Tab.
  • Now select the option FRP Remove and wait.
  • Your Phone will restart automatically, and the setup wizard allows you to use a new Google ID.


The Combination file can help you to get rid of problems. But choosing the wrong one will make it worse. Samsung G610F ADB enables files can solve the firmware flashing problem.

Yet flashing a wrong file will loop your phone in the boot menu forever. So, whatever you do, do it wisely.

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