Samsung FRP Helper V0.2 Download Updated 2021

Samsung FRP Helper V0.2 is an application for Samsung mobile. This software works especially for tor unlocking FRP in call and ADB mood. Many FRP bypass tools are available on the internet, but this particular one is free of cost.

Samsung FRP Helper V0.2

FRP is a special security system that Google introduced after the lollipop android update. Whenever you try to rest your smartphone, you will need a verification email address to log in after the rest. However, not all smartphone cases are like this, as some devices don’t show FRP lock. It depends on the android device and sometimes on luck. Here you will find all the important information you need about Samsung FRP Helper V0.2, and we will help you go through all the process step by step.

The software that primarily works to bypass FRP for Samsung mobile devices is Samsung FRP Helper V0.2. Google introduced a particular locking system called FRP, which kicks in when you factory reset a device. It was first applied when the lollipop android update came. It is still present, and you need the Samsung FRP Helper V0.2 application to bypass it.

Smartphone security has upgraded a lot since 2012. It was revolutionary as your smartphone contains all of your essential information. And you do not want others to find out about your information.

Samsung FRP Helper V0.2 Samsung Model Support List

Samsung FRP helper v0.2 is the go-to tool to bypass FRP lock for your smartphone. As you all know, this is especially for Samsung android devices. So, the majority of the Samsung devices support this application.

Devices such as S series and A series have most cases of FRP locks. So, before resetting your device, try to install the Samsung FRP Helper V0.2 application on your pc. It may save you from an extra amount of hassle before hand. But for example, here are a few devices that support this particular application:

  • S series smartphones: S6, S7, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10, and other latest devices.
  • Note series
  • A series
  • And all the smartphones that came after or with¬†Lolipop Android¬†update.

Samsung FRP Helper Download Link

You are here to find information and download the link of Samsung FRP helper v0.2. There are two versions of the application now in 2021. Those are:

These are the current versions available for 2021. Samsung FRP helper v0.2 is the go-to version as it was released a year before and polished.

Click on any of the version names to download the application.

How To Use Samsung FRP Helper V0.2

Using Samsung FRP helper v0.2 is not an application for amateur computer users or smartphone users. The developers primarily developed this application to develop smartphones, such as custom ROMs and many more.

Here is a step by step tutorial of Samsung FRP helper v0.2:

  • Download the application and extract it.
  • Install the application.
  • Turn off the phone and connect the USB cable to your smartphone.
  • Right-click on Samsung FRP helper v0.2.exe and select run as administrator.
  • While the smartphone is off, connect the cable to the computer.
  • The application will run automatically and will show a new tab.
  • Click on the Remove FRP.
  • It will do further works automatically and will show you the results in detail on the screen.
  • There is another way called the call Method.
  • Press the scan button.
  • Add the phone number that you want to put in FRP.
  • Click call now.
  • Done

Sometimes you may need to keep the smartphone on while working. But try to switch off the smartphone first. If it does not start the tab, then keep the phone on.

Frequently asked question

Here are few frequently asked questions about Samsung FRP helper v0.2:

1. What is Samsung FRP Helper Tool?

= Samsung FRP helper v0.2 tool is the primary application to remove FRP lock from all Samsung’s smartphone devices.

2. How to Use Samsung FRP Helper 0.2 to Remove FRP Lock or Google Account?

= You can find the step-by-step process above in the article on how to use the Samsung FRP helper v0.2 tool.

3. How to Bypass FRP Lock with Samsung FRP Helper V0.2?

= Bypassing FRP lock with Samsung frp helper v0.2 is a straightforward task. You should follow the steps we mentioned up above in the article.

4. Why does Alternative Surpass Samsung FRP Helper v0.2

= Because it is the primary application to remove FRP lock from your Samsung smartphones.


Various applications bypass FRP locks, but the Samsung FRP helper v0.2 tool is the go-to app for Samsung smartphones. So, when you want to reset your smartphone try to bypass the FRP lock.

We can assure you that it is the safest and easiest way to unlock FRP from your device.

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