Samsung FRP Call Tool for PC Download Updated 2021

If you are stuck on Add a Google account screen on your phone, your phone has an FRP. Factory Reset Protection is a beneficial feature but can be harassing if you lost your Gmail ID.

Samsung FRP Call Tool

You can’t do anything unless you add your first google ID if you get an FRP lock. Here in this article, you can get to know about Samsung FRP Call Tool and its use. Keep on reading.

FRP or Factory Reset Protection is a technology to add privacy to phone users. It activates once a user adds a Google account on their device after getting it from the company. The developers have added this feature on Samsung Phone’s which are android 5.1 or higher.

So, if you get a new phone from Samsung and add your Google account to that, you will need that account for life. Because even after the hard reset, you will need to enter the Gmail ID you first used on the device to set things up.

Now to get your phone working without adding a Google account or bypassing the process, you need a Samsung FRP call tool. It would give you access to use your phone even if you forgot the Gmail ID.

The Feature of Samsung FRP Call Tool

Easy to Use:  The Samsung FRP call tool is a user-friendly tool. It has a straightforward User Interface. Even a newbie can understand the tool in just five minutes or so. The one-click installation makes this tool an even more worry-free tool.

One-Click Bypass Tool: The Samsung FRP tool can bypass Factory Reset Protection. Select your phone make a call; these are all you need to do. The tool will do everything else for you.

Supports Most of the Devices: It supports most Samsung devices. As Samsung added FRP on Android 5.1 or higher on phones, this tool should work on any Samsung device above 5.0 lollipop.

How to Use Samsung FRP Call Tool

Using the FRP Call tool is very easy. You can do that after one quick tutorial. So here is a step-by-step guide for you.

  • First, download the Samsung FRP call tool on your computer.
  • Extract the files wherever you need them.
  • Insert a SIM card in your phone
  • You have to enable Wi-Fi and allow your phone to use as a modem.
  • Connect your phone using a USB cable after Setting up Wi-Fi.
  • Launch the Samsung FRP Fast Call tool and select Bypass Tab
  • Click scan and select “COM1” in COM Port.
  • Now Type the number of your Service Centre.
  • Click on the call button and wait for the process.
  • You should see a call is ongoing on your phone. Drop the call and save it as a new contact.
  • Restart your phone, and FRP is Unlocked.


We hope you got your answer and solution to what an FRP call tool is. And how can you solve the problem if you are stuck on the Factory Reset Protection screen. Samsung FRP call tool APK version is not available as it works only on PC.

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