Rockchip Driver Assistant V4.8 Download For Windows

You can find a lot of drivers of the devices that get power from Rockchips chipsets. But the best one is Rockchip diver. It is a particular software that works for downloading special drivers for your computer. In order to work on a device that consists of rockchip chipsets, you need drivers.

Rockchip Driver

Rockchip driver assistant helps you to download all the necessary drivers automatically. So, you don’t have to pick drivers by yourself. Sometimes you may get malware attacks on the internet if you download the driver from unknown sources. But if you use Rockchip driver assistant, you can easily trust it as this software will not download any malware.

The feature of Rockchip assistant driver

There are few features that separate Rockchip assistant driver from any normal driver installer. Well, it is a dedicated Rockchip driver installer. You can also get the Rockchip batch tool and Rockchip factory tool. Both of them are available if you download the Rockchip assistant driver.

The key features of the Rockchip assistant driver are:

Auto-Installer: Well, this application helps you to install all the necessary drivers by itself. You do not have to worry about installing it one by one. This application detects your requirements and follows the instructions accordingly. It also ensures that all the devices that use rockchip runs properly on your computer.

Install properly: Everyone can install drivers. But there are some things that you need to consider before installing a driver. The compatibility of a driver is important. Most of the old drivers are 32bit, and the current drivers are 64bit compatible. However, this unique application will do all the work for you. It will download the necessary driver for you and install it.

Supports Rockchip devices: It is an application that downloads drivers for devices that has Rockchip chipsets. This particular software downloads the exact driver you need in order to run the device. It supports RK29, RK30, and RK31 chipsets. So, it is the perfect Rockchip driver downloader.

Among these features, this particular software installs an important driver, which is the Rockchip USB driver windows 10. Well, you can define it as an important feature as this application helps windows to recognize devices.

Download All Version Rockchip Driver

You can easily download the Rockchip driver on your computer. But there are different versions available on the internet. Don’t worry about that situation as we have collected all the versions for you. Just click on the link to download the software. Make sure you confirm your windows as different bit programs need different windows. It is also specifically related to the windows.

Here are all the different versions of Rockchip drivers:

You can click on your desired version to download the application. This particular software will run on any type of windows operating system. You can run these applications from Windows XP to Windows 10.

How to install Rockchip USB driver

Rockchip driver is a very simple application. To install it, you can follow two steps. Let us see the steps one by one:

The easiest way to install a driver is to use a driver assistant. It searches the necessary version for your computer and downloads it automatically. So, you have to click on any of the given links of the Rockchip driver assistant version and download it. Now extract the zip file and install the exe file. Click on the autorun file and select the necessary information. Click continue and wait for it to end. You can always restart the computer to see if it has properly downloaded.

Another way is to install the driver manually. However, this method is very complicated, and we do not recommend you use the manual method. You should use the rockchip driver assistant. Or else, if you download files manually, you can download malware and also viruses.

So, we always recommend you to download the driver using a Rockchip driver assistant. You can use v4.8 as it is the latest on the market. Most of the other ones are backdated.

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