Qualcomm IMEI Repair Tool Download Updated 2021

Qualcomm IMEI Repair tool is software that you can use to change the Qualcomm phones IMEI completely. It is a Windows software that works on any version of the Operating System.

Qualcomm IMEI Repair Tool

If you want to know what is Qualcomm IMEI repair tool and how you can use it, then keep reading.

It is a simple software by Uniscope for Windows Computer. You can install it on any Windows Operating system. Qualcomm Snapdragon IMEI repair tool is known as the SN Write tool as well.

With this software usually, you can repair or change faulty IMEI. Many Chinese brands use Qualcomm chipsets on their phones. But the most unofficial device comes with unauthorized IMEI. You can fix those IMEI easily and quickly using this tool.

The Features of Qualcomm IMEI Repair Tool

Plug and Play: The Qualcomm IMEI tool is a plug-and-play application. You don’t even need to install it on your computer every time. Download Qualcomm Write Dual IMEI tool on your computer. Unzip the compressed file and launch the tool directly.

You can keep the files in a flash drive and use the tool on any computer instantly. 

Supports Most Devices: The tool made by Uniscope works on most Qualcomm devices as this is not an official tool, so you won’t be able to write IMEI on some devices.

Thus, they updated the tool to support the chipsets of these models: MSM8209, MSM8909, MSM8916, and MSM8592.

Change IMEI on Dual SIM: Most other and even some official tools can handle changing a single IMEI. But the Qualcomm Write Dual IMEItool can change or modify the IMEI number on both SIM networks.

Multifunctional: If you think this is a more IMEI write tool, then read again; this tool can change many other things than IMEI only. You can use the tool to Change MEID, ESN, Wi-FiLan address, and even Bluetooth address as well.

How to use Qualcomm IMEI Repair Tool Latest Version

  • Download Qualcomm IMEI Repair Tool Latest Version
  • Extract the files in your desired folder
  • Now download the latest USB Driver for Qualcomm if you don’t have it already
  • Remember to Enable DIAG Mode
  • Connect your Device to PC with a USB cable
  • In the “Device Manager,” you should see “Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostic 9091 port” if paired properly.
  • Now open Qualcomm IMEI Repair Tool, and your phone will connect in the “COM Port” Mode automatically.
  • Type in the IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 box and click “Write.”
  • Once complete, you will see a Green Success Notification.
  • Now reboot your device and “Congratulation” you have changed your Phone’s IMEI.


You know what Qualcomm IMEI Repair Tool is and What Features it offers. You should be able to use the tool after reading our article. Yet, some reminders changing IMEI is illegal in some states.

You should not change phones IMEI unless it’s absolutely necessary. And changing IMEI will not brick or damage your device. It will just make it untraceable. That is both a bad and good idea in our opinion. So, do this at your own risk.

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