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The full meaning of QPST Tool is Qualcomm Products Support Tools. It is a small but great application that can download for the free version on PCs, laptops, and Windows. Now, do you think you can install your smartphone and tablet on it?


Yes, You can install the QPST tool and download the latest version free to use the stock firmware flash on your smartphone or tablet or your device.

The Feature Of QPST Tool:

  • Exe Installer Package: QPST Flash Tool arrives in the exe box from the link, download the tool.  And double click the file to install.
  • QPST Tools Configuration: QPST Flash Tools Configuration enables you to activate the device. You can use Qualcomm Product Support Tools on other clients. And you can use Qualcomm Product Support equipment configuration.
  • Service Programming: QPST lets you store service programming data in folders. And similar services enable the flashing of programming folders on numerous devices.
  • One-touch flashing: QPST is a flashing tool. Which lets you flash your Qualcomm device with just one tap.
  • Software Download: QPST Flash Tools Setup Download the latest firmware for your Qualcomm device and install it on your device.
  • Built in QFIL flash: Qualcomm product support tools are flash tools. It comes with built in QFIL flash tools. Which encourages you to flash stock firmware on Qualcomm mobile devices.

QPST Tool Not Installing Solved Guide:

Step 1. Find the first of the top 3 files in the folder you want. Next, click on the driver folder. And then click on Qualcomm-USB_Driver_SetUp.exe. Setup will start. Select the first option (WWAN.DHCP ……..). And then you can do more. If a pop-up Qualcomm Flash Tool appears during the installation, click Yes (all means click Yes). Please reboot or restart after the driver installation is complete. PC or laptop will be fine.

Step 2. Click Qualcomm Flash Tool-> QcomDLoader.exe; if it starts, fine. And if an error like the MSVCP100 deal wasn’t found or something else happened.

Then install the QPST tool. And run it. After opening it, close it now. Now click on QcomDLoader again. This time it will be useful.

Then click the Load button (the first icon of the tool). Browse to the firmware folder that you extracted. Then click on the beginning (3 icons of the flash tool).

Step 3: Now delete your SIM card and memory card (if you don’t have it, remove your battery too. And settle it too).

How To Use QPST Tool:

  • Download and install the Qualcomm USB driver on your computer.
  • The QPST tools download or install on your device.
  • Now, attach your Qualcomm device to the computer utilizing the USB cable.
  • Now, configure QPST.
  • Once the QPST configuration begins, click on the Port menu.

QPST Tool Brand Supported List:

  • QPST Tool v2.7.104
  • QPST Tool v2.7.264
  •  QPST Tool v2.7.301
  • QPST Tool v2.7.323
  • QPST Tool v2.7.363
  • QPST Tool v2.7.366
  • QPST Tool v2.7.374
  • QPST Tool v2.7.375
  • QPST Tool v2.7.378
  • QPST Tool v2.7.387
  • QPST Tool v2.7.399
  • QPST Tool v2.7.402
  • QPST Tool v2.7.411
  • QPST Tool v2.7.415
  • QPST Tool v2.7.419
  • QPST Tool v2.7.420
  • QPST Tool v2.7.422
  • QPST Tool v2.7.423
  • QPST Tool v2.7.425
  • QPST Tool v2.7.429
  • QPST Tool v2.7.430
  • QPST Tool v2.7.432
  • QPST Tool v2.7.437
  • QPST Tool v2.7.438
  • QPST Tool v2.7.445
  • QPST Tool v2.7.447
  • QPST Tool v2.7.453
  • QPST Tool v2.7.456
  • QPST Tool v2.7.460
  • QPST Tool v2.7.464
  • QPST Tool v2.7.472
  • QPST Tool v2.7.473
  • QPST Tool v2.7.474
  • QPST Tool v2.7.477
  • QPST Tool v2.7.480 [Latest]

Frequently Asked Question:

1. What is the QPST tool?

Answer: The Windows software is used by a QPST or Qflash tool or Qua Computing Product Service Tool for forced use of flash-based firmware on Qualcomm Android devices. Almost any smartphone, PC, or laptop for Android now offers Qualcomm chipsets thanks to various technological innovations.

Even smart watches and other smart devices have Qualcomm chipsets. On the other hand, the Qualcomm tool is a practical application, which requires users to download the ROM and flash it on compatible devices. You use this easy tool to flash your device’s firmware.

2. What is QPST configuration?

Answer– QPST configuration is the process to monitor the devices’ active status, active clients, and serial ports. QPST tools support it and help to get the overall facilities.

3. How do I install QPST tools on Windows 7?

First of all, download and install the Qualcomm USB driver on the computer. Then download and install QPST tools and open the C:\Program Files \Qualcomm \QPST \bin\folder.

Using a USB cable connects Windows 7 with the computer. Open QPST configuration file.

When it’s launched, click the Port Menu. Then click the start client menu and select the software download option.

You will find the QPST software download dialog box. Click the phone image button and detect the firmware which you want to flash.

Click the browse button under the boot image and detect Boot LEADER.HEX file. Then click the start button to start flashing.

If the flashing is complete, you will find a green bar at the end of the flashing. Finally, disconnect Windows 7 from the computer and restart it.

Thus you can easily install QPST tools in your Windows 7 and use them according to the given guidelines.

4. How do I install the QFIL tool?

At first download and install the Qualcomm driver. Then download the QFIL zip file and extract it on your computer.

Open the folder and open the QFIL application file. After switching off your phone, connect it with the pc via USB cable. At that moment, press and hold the volume up button, and the model of your phone will be visible on the screen.

To get a downloaded stock ROM file from the PC to the tool, click the browse option. Then select and browse the previously downloaded right firmware of your device.

Finally click on the download button to install it. It will take 10-15 minutes. Thus you can easily install the QFIL tool.

Final Thought

Hopefully, with this content, you have come to understand fully about QPST tools. We’ve added download links to all versions of this tool to make it easier for you to download. Moreover, here we are mentioning all the features and usage of this tool. You will not have any problem even if you are a new user of the QPST tool.

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