QFIL Flash Tool Download (All Version)

Everyone wants to get the best benefit out of their purchases. I am the same. That is why I asked a computer science friend of mine, “How do I use the 100% potential of my android device?”

I followed her instructions carefully, and it’s easy. All you need is a QFIL Flash Tool. Please note that I am a Qualcomm user so whatever I will explain below only applies to Qualcomm android phones and other android electrical devices.

QFIL Flash Tool

I will also try to guide you guys through the flash tool’s setup and what it is. We will also include relevant information for beginners. Thus, people can make an informed choice whether to use Qualcomm Flash Tool.

Rooting and Flashing

Rooting and flashing go hand in hand, but there is a significant difference between them. Rooting indicates attaining permission to take over the root system (administrative system). When manufacturers make phones, they program the operating system in a certain way.

That means it has a lot of limitations and can’t perform some operations. Rooting takes away the administrative power from them and allows you to modify your phones to your heart’s desire. You can change the stock theme, delete system applications, increase battery life, make your phone run smoother, and many other things.

phone run smoother, and many other things.

Here, the lines between rooting and flashing blur. Sometimes when you root your phone, it also gets flashed. Flashing means updating and installing.

So, rooting can also include flashing because the ROM gets updated. Or a customized ROM gets installed.

Installing QFIL Flash Tool

QFIL Flash Tool is simple to use. Even a newbie will feel comfortable flashing their smartphones if they use them. The steps are given below.

First, we must download Qualcomm USB drivers and install them. Then, since the flash tool is a portable application, we can download the zip and extract it. After that, we can regard it as standard software.

However, before commencing the central part, we should take some precaution, such as charging the battery to at least sixty percent or more.Also, enabling the USB debugging on the phone.

QFIL Flash Tool Tested and improved their performance. Nevertheless, it is better to back your data up before flashing (or rooting) your phone. The reason is that flashing wipes the data and memory of your device.

Using QFIL Flash Tool

Downloading ROMs

The action begins now. There is no need to be nervous. You don’t need to make any more preparation before starting.

The firmware you want to replace the old firmware with will have to be unzipped (and extracted) or downloaded. Suppose you want to install a different type of stock ROM in the phone. Then, you will have to download it before flashing it.

Stock means the company-manufactured firmware or built-in operating system. There are two types of stock ROM for Qualcomm electronics. Their extension is either .mbn or.xml.

It is to be noted cause these two extensions are used in flashing through two different methods. Most of the time, the method used is for .mbn. .xml uses QFIL Flash Tool Meta Build.

Let’s start by opening our extracted QFIL application file. Next, we will face an interface that has the ‘browse’ option. We will turn off our phone and connected it to our personal computer through a USB cable.

Now, press down on the volume button, and the device information will show on the pc screen. Then, click on the browse option and select the ROM you have. We will now choose our firmware.

It is a .xml file. Lastly, select the patch file. We will now click the download option below the browse option.

Wait for the flashing to finish. Then, reboot your phone. Viola! You successfully flashed your phone.

The display ‘no port available’ will show Qualcomm USB port. It is how you use the flash tool’s latest version.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.How do I flash my phone with the QFIL tool?

Ans: You will need a QFIL USB driver, QFIL Full Setup, and your smartphone attached to your pc/laptop.

2.How do I open the QFIL tool?

      Ans: You need to download it and extract it. Then, double-click the left button of your mouse to open it.

3.How do I use Qualcomm image loader?

      Ans: When you open the application, double-click on the QFIL icon. Then, download the stock firmware or custom firmware into your attached phone.

4.What is Qualcomm flash image loader?

Ans:It is a flashing tool for Qualcomm devices. It creates a bridge between your pc and your phones and helps to download new firmware while replacing the old one.

5.How do I use the QFIL tool’s latest version?

Ans: You can use it the same way as the old one. Its user interface is better now, so I don’t think you will have any problems.

6.How do I install Qualcomm USB drivers?

Ans: It is available online and can be downloaded. Then, you can install it.

7.Does the QFIL flash tool work on every android phone?

Ans: No, it doesn’t. It works on Qualcomm chipset android phone.

8.Why is QFIL called a portable application?

Ans: Portable apps are those which we do not need to install to use. QFIL is downloaded as a zip file and only needs to be unzipped to be used.

9.Does QFIL come with built-in log files?

Ans: Yes, it does. It makes it easier to log errors and fix them.


QFIL smartphones are widely spread across the globe. That is why they have a QFIL flash tool type of thing to flash firmware in an accessible way. I would not say that flashing firmware is a must-know knowledge that everyone should have since usually, our phones can do whatever we need to do.

But when there is an easy way to get the best out of your phones, you should take that opportunity.Firmware is the reason our hardware can run smoothly. A lot of people are wary of messing with firmware because they are non-writable.

QFIL can assuage their worries in this regard. It is the go-to flash tool of most technicians.

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