Odin Tool 3.14 Download (All Version) Updated 2021

Odin flash tool is for flashing your Samsung devices in the simplest way possible to keep your phone up to date. Moreover, it allows you to update your firmware and install the latest version available on the user device market.

Odin Tool
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The Odin tool allows you to flash .tar.md5 or .tar extension files on your smartphone. However, it does not recognize the .zip format files. So, you cannot have a zip file for updating firmware. Moreover, it is easier to use .tar.md5 firmware binary files for updating your device with your PC rather than a .zip file.

It is the article’s basic idea to help you download and use the Odin tool to flash our Samsung devices with ease.

What is Odin Tool

Odin tool is a great Samsung flashing tool. Samsung Odin flash tool allows you to flash the firmware of any Samsung smartphone. Moreover, it is also crucial for rooting or installing TWRP recovery on your device.

Samsung devices get third-party development support to enjoy custom ROM on AOSP and other codes. It is building new paths for any devices with custom kernels and recoveries with TWRP.

The Odin tool is a small and efficient utility that uses .tar format files without tripping the Knox security system. So, the file does not contain any malware or error code that you are afraid of getting on your device.

What is a Samsung Odin Flash Tool

If you are looking for a Samsung flasher, then the Odin v3.13.1 and the v3.14.1, which last on the internet today. However, the v3.14.1 is the newest version from the 2021 bug fix. Although all the Odin software versions are tremendous but download the android Odin versions according to your device’s firmware version.

Odin allows you to flash stock ROM on Samsung devices. If you have a Galaxy phone or Tab, you will only have to click one AP field of the Odin tool and then the start button to flash your entire smartphone.

Moreover, Samsung Odin a portable software, so you do not have to Odin download for PC application on your desktop or laptop. However, you can download the Odin zip file and then unzip and flash your phone, but it has to be in the download mode or Odin mode boot.

The List Of Samsung Odin Flash Tool

The Main Feature Of Samsung Flash Tool

The latest Odin download allows some easy-to-access features and it is also very straightforward to navigate the application.


If you have a Samsung device, it will allow you to flash the stock firmware on the device and install all the new firmware updates. It can help restore your phone if it faces a boot loop issue, application crashes, or other software errors. Moreover, you can also modify the firmware according to your specification and how you want the device to operate.

Kernel flashing

The Odin tool now allows you to flash stock kernels, and you can also flash and modify your custom kernels. It makes the device perform better and smoother.

Root package flashing

If you want to root any software on your smartphone or get access to the root package on the phone, then the Odin tool gives you the opportunity to access your Samsung devices’ root package.

Odin Protocol Version Error Fix

If you are facing issues flashing your Samsung phone and you want to fix the Odin protocol version error, then –

  • First, go to the download mode of your Samsung device.
  • You need to hold the volume down button and the home button until the smartphone model number shows on the screen.
  • When the model number shows, release the home button but keep the volume down switch pressing until you see a warning, then release the down button and press the volume up switch. It will give you access to the download mode on your device.
  •  Now, you will have to get a custom recovery and Odin files when you are in download mode.
  • Then you will open the Odin.exe file and connect your Samsung phone or Tab to the PC.
  • After that, go to the AP field on the Odin software and choose .tar.md5 recovery file, and click on start.
  • Once the process is over, you will get a pass message from the application. Then restart the device, and it will boot normally.

Odin Model Dismatch Fail Solved Guide

If you are experiencing Odin model dismatch or mismatch fail errors, then you will have to –

  • First, start the Odin tool as admin.
  • Then access the download mode on your device. Remember, you will first have to start the software and then access the download mode.
  • It will then fix the mismatch error. However, if you do the other way around, then you might see the error again.

If you still see the error, it might be because of the older version of the application that does not support your device. Moreover, it could be because of the cable, or you do not have USB driver software. 

How To Install Odin

Before you start downloading and installing the Odin flash tool, you first have to fulfill a few requirements, such as installing the latest version of the Samsung USB drivers and enabling developer mode on your android smartphone. Then you should download Odin and install it in this way –

  • First, unzip the Odin flash tool zip file you have on your desktop. You can use the WinRAR software of 7zip to unzip the application.
  • Then open the folder and double click on the Odin.exe file.
  • We recommend you run the application as an admin.
  • After that, the software will automatically install on your selected directory. That is all you have to do to download and install the Odin tool on your PC or laptop to flash your Samsung device.

How to Use Odin

The Odin flash tool is the only utility that allows you to flash the stock firmware on a Samsung device. Other applications do not give you the flexibility for firmware flashing; instead, it will flash the whole device, but the firmware will remain the same and in the same version.

Moreover, we recommend taking a full backup of all your essentials from the phone before installing or flashing any custom firmware or ROM on your Samsung device.

The Odin has a very straightforward mainframe, and you can easily navigate through the flashing process.

  • First, you will download the firmware file for your phone or Tab. You search firmware for the model that you have.
  • Then extract the firmware file and install it with the .exe file.
  • Now, in the tool, you will tap on the BL and then load the BL file. It is the same as AP, CP, or CSC.
  • Then switch off your phone and hold the volume down plus the power button.
  • Hit the volume up switch when you see a warning, and it will boot from the downloading mode option.
  • After that, connect your Samsung device with your desktop or laptop. You will an”added” message appear in the log file.
  • Then hit the start button and wait.
  • And finally, it will show a successful message, and your device will boot from the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which version of Odin should I download?

Answer: If you are thinking of downloading the Odin tool to flash your Samsung phone or Tab, we suggest you search for the latest version of the application. Although it depends on the firmware and model of your device. However, the newest version works for all the models. Moreover, the Odin v3.13.14 and v3.14.13 are the latest version available and both works just fine.

What Can ODIN Do?

Answer: Odin is the only application that allows you to flash and recover files on a Samsung device. It also allows you to install custom firmware and custom kernels for better performance for the device. Moreover, it is portable software to use from a phone without any PC or using someone else’s desktop.

What is ODIN Flash Tool?

Answer: Odin flash tool is a Samsung flasher utility that gives you full freedom to update, flash, and recover firmware, stock ROM, and stock kernels. It is a great application that you can use on the fly on your Samsung smartphone or Tab. Moreover, it is the only tool you can use which will successfully flash your Samsung devices. Other software on the market either fails to flash fully or does not support the Samsung devices firmware.

How to Install and Use Odin tool?

Answer: Installing the Odin tool is straightforward and basic.

  • First, download the latest version of the tool and unzip the file.
  • Then run the .exe file from the folder and state the directory of the installation.
  • And lastly, wait till the installation finishes.


If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone or Tab and want to flash the device to eliminate any issues you are having, we recommend checking out the latest version of the Odin tool.

It is the only utility that will successfully flash and recover your device’s stock firmware, stock kernel, and ROM. Moreover, it will also give you the option to install custom kernels and firmware for higher performance.

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