Nokia Data Package Manager Full Crack Download

If you are a Nokia phone user, then you are still in love with this brand. Nokia makes us nostalgic whenever we listen to the classic Nokia tune and start-up sound. However, the smartphone from Nokia is also great.

Nokia Data Package Manager

But some people are don’t like their new UI. If you want to change it, then you will need the Nokia Data Package Manager.

Either you don’t like the UI, or you want any other custom ROM on your device. And here is our little step to get you the new crack version of the tool and the proper guidelines.

What is Nokia Data Package Manager?

It is an easy flashing tool for Nokia phones. Nokia Data Package manager works offline flashes the firmware files in a Nokia Phone within some minutes.

It is a Real-Time and scheduled downloading of product software files via an online connection from Nokia Firmware Repository (FiRe). Search function and creation of filters for the data you need to download.

Tool features contain checking and organizing your locally installed product software content.

Nokia Data Package Manager Tool is an independent tool. Still, it can also be used on the same PC with other Nokia service software applications changed and improved from the previous version.

The Feature of Nokia Data Package Manager

The Nokia data manager tool comes with a lot of features. The tool is dedicated to Nokia phones, and Nokia made this tool for official use. But you can use this tool on even Xiaomi Devices. That’s not what we recommend, but let’s have a listicle of the tool’s features.

  • It a very small tool, so no need to wait all day to download it.
  • Just entering the RM of your Nokia phone, that’s it. The tool will find the required flash files from the internet through the servers.
  • The tool is available for no charges.
  • Very user-friendly user interface.
  • And a lot more to describe.

How to Work Nokia Data Package Manager in Offline?

The tool works only over the internet. Yet, you can use the present offline. The tool supports every mobile from the Nokia brand. It can just work on windows PC and supports Windows version 7, 8, and 10 also. To perform the tool offline, you have to download the FiRe or Nokia firmware on your PC.

  • Open the tool, and it will be offline. Select the FiRe file; once the tool recognizes and connects, it will automatically switch online.
  • A login dialog box will appear, and from the help menu, you will get FiRe break notifications.
  • Regional filtering may occur; thus, the options are turned off by default to avoid unnecessary downloads.
  • From your browser, you will be able to create a schedule for flashing the files.
  • Now you can choose any bugs like network issues or RAM issues and fix them quickly.

How to Use Nokia Data Package Manager?

Well, now you almost know everything about the Nokia data package manager tool, but how to use it properly? If you are not too techy, just follow our guidelines, and you will be able to fix your phone in minutes.

The user interface is straightforward to understand, but even for a tech-savvy one quick tutorial is no harm. The tool reads the RAM number on your phone. After determining the required version, the tool automatically downloads the necessary files.

One of the features we like it does everything on its own. No need to search and download flash firmware manually.

  • Download the crack version of the data package manager from Nokia.
  • Download Nokia USB Driver For Windows
  • Wait for the file to save completely on your computer.
  • Go to the download folder and locate the manager tool folder.
  • Double click on the .exe file to launch the installation wizard for the Nokia data package manager.
  • Allow the wizard to get the necessary files for the installation process.
  • Once installation complete, the tool will create a shortcut on the desktop and windows starting menu.
  • Click on the tool icon to launch the tool and wait till it starts completely.
  • Now to use the tool, you will have to create an account for Nokia.
  • Nokia data package manager login page will ask for user details.
  • Enter the Nokia data package manager username and password to use the tool as you like.
  • Choose the network improving issue or download new firmware to fix the operating system


Any phone will need firmware fixing or flashing sooner or later. The phone gets laggy as we use it days after days. The phone memory adds cache to the RAM. You can use any tool to fix these problems. There are other tools to fix problems for android and feature phones.

Some tools are universal and work fine. Some tools are good but way hard to use. But from the details and user-friendly interface, we can say this is the best tool to fix any Nokia phone quickly and easily.

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