MTK Flash Tools V5.1624 Download (All Version)

The MTK flash tools such as SP tools allow you to flash firmware, recovery, other necessary files to MTK devices. Moreover, the design of the smartphone flash tools is to work with devices that have MediaTek.

MTK Flash Tool

If you want a smartphone flash tool, you will also need a download agent or DA file and a scatter-loading file to flash the stock ROM. However, you will also need the scatter-loading file so that your recovery goes flawlessly without any errors.   

This article’s main purpose is to know the features of MTK flash tools, the process of downloading flashing tools, and the correct way of using them so that your flashing and recovery has no issues.

What is MTK Flash Tools

MTK flash tools is a flashing application to source Mediatek android phones for flashing and recovering the data on your phone. It is used as a mediate tool for MTK devices. Moreover, you can use the application on your pc, laptop, and Mac. It makes flashing and recovering from Micromax, Itel. Qmobile, Symphony, Tecno, Elephone, and other MTK chipset tools much easier and quicker.

On the other hand, the SP flash tool is the latest flash tool on the market. It allows you to flash mediate tools faster. Moreover, the newer version will allow any user to unbricking with few new features such as – hard reset and firmware for MTK android devices.

You will use your laptop or pc to flash your phone simply by installing the flash tool on your desktop and following some straightforward steps.

The Feature of MTK Flash Tools

A flash tool comes in handy when you need to flash your device, update or fix the firmware errors, and recover old data on your phone before flashing.

Firmware Flashing

On MediaTek phones, the firmware can have corruption in the file or virus, damaging your other application. In this case, a flash tool will allow you to erase all the applications and data from your phone. Moreover, you can also recover the lost data very easily. The MTK flash tool helps in the device’s flashing process or reinstalls the stock firmware before you did the update.

Capable of reading .cfg and .txt format file

 If you have a custom configuration for your device and have it in a file, it will help you read and use that configuration for your device. It supports all .cfg and .txt format files to easily reboot the firmware to the stock version without using any external software.

Mediatek Support

Most newer devices on the market now have a MediaTek chipset. So, you will need a flash tool that can support MediaTek to make your life much easier. You will have to install the mediate VCOM driver For Windows; that way, the MTK flash tool can identify the device connection. It will help reduce the time for connecting the device, and you will be ready to flash your phone.

Download MTK Flash Tools All In One

The MTK flash tools or SP flash tools support your Windows OS, Linux, Windows XP, and Windows 10. So there is nothing to worry about as the application is compatible with all the operating systems you can have on your desktop or laptop. Moreover, it also very straightforward to download and install your PC –

  • Firstly, go to your browser and search for the latest version of the flash tool.
  • Then go to the first link and see the newest version and previous versions of the application.
  • After that, click on the top link; it will redirect you to a page to see the .zip file layout. That means that what is in the zip file along with the flash tool .exe file.
  • Then click on the download button on the top right, or you may see it appearing below the layout window. That way, you will have the file on your desktop.
  • Finally, unzip the file, and you are ready to use the application.

How To Use MTK Flash Tools

Using a flash tool is a step-by-step process, and if you miss anyone step, you will start from the beginning.

  • You will have to install all the drivers, such as – USB driver, on your pc and then enable developer mode on the desktop.
  • Then extract the stock ROM and the flash tool to a folder for easy access.
  • After that, you will have to run the tool using the .exe file in the flash file folder.
  • Then you will have to click on the scatter-loading option.
  • After that, the tool will ask for the scatter file location, and you will find it in the stock ROM folder, the “Android_scatter_emmc.txt” file.
  • Now, connect your phone with the pc, and in the tool, select firmware upgrade. It will be in the drop-down menu and choose download.
  • The flash, too, will automatically detect and start the flashing process. However, if it does not detect, you will have to install the VCOM driver and reconnect it.
  • Now, you will start downloading the stock ROM, and the process finishes, a green light will appear.
  • After that, you will have to disconnect your phone from the pc.


The MTK flash tool is an amazing and easy way to flash and recover your phone. It is mainly for any firmware issues in your phone or a harmful file that disrupts your activity on the phone.

So, that is the article’s main concept to give you a short and effective guideline of using a flash tool for your smartphone.

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