MTK Droid Tools V2.5.3 Download Updated 2021

MTK droid tools is a software for Windows PC. With the help of this software, you can perform many tasks on your MediaTek device. It can help you unbrick your bricked phone.

Sometimes you will need to root your phone for advanced software; the MediaTek Droid, too, can help you to do that easily. You will be able to take a backup of firmware and restore it back to your device.

MTK Droid Tools

Adding custom ROM or fixing your stock ROM both works with this tool. You can create scatter files, too, using the software.

The MTK special tool offers almost everything any Android User wants. Let’s have a look at the most important features in a quick view.

Rooting MTK Android Device

Using the MediaTek droid tools, you will be able to root your android device effortlessly. Every device before Android 6.0 was allowed to root using Apps like KingRoot, Kingoroot, Etc.

But these apps are not capable of rooting newer devices. Using MTK droid tool APK root tools are not necessary for rooting your device anymore.

Once you unlock the developer mode, turn on USB debugging. Connect your phone with the MTK Android tool and click root. That’s just it.

Backup and Recover

System crash and Device Bricking are not unusual. Sometimes you may get your device bricked while installing any buggy application, or your rooting may go wrong can cause device brick.

So, in order to lose your phone for good taking backup of the firmware is a safe idea.

You can take the firmware backup using the MediaTek droid tool. And if you don’t like your custom ROM or crash your phone, restore it on your device.

Create Scatter File

You will need to scatter files to flash any files on your device with the Multiphone Flash tools. SP flash tool is a universal flashing tool for android.

It can handle every type of device MediaTek, Qualcomm, Spreadtrum, etc. But sometimes, the 3rd party flashing tools need scatter files to install stock firmware in a MediaTek device.

Rewrite IMEI

You can rewrite your Phones IMEI. This is actually for a modder. Because your device can get ban and identify only by your IMEI,you can change your IMEI as you like with this tool.

MTK Droid Tool All Version List

Well,in this article, we are actually covering the latest version of the MTK Droid Tool Download. However, here is a list of other versions as well. Most PC can handle the newest version, yet if you like the older version, you can find them here.

MTK Android 2.2.9


MTK Android 2.3.4


MTK Android 2.4.0


MTK Android 2.4.8


MTK Android 2.5.0


MTK Android 2.5.1


MTK Android 2.5.2


MTK Android 2.5.3


MTK Android 2.5.3B (Latest)


MTK Droid Tool Download links are in oldest to newest order here. Get any software you like. While downloading the MTK droid tool password prompt may appear. TYPE “MTK” and continue the download.

How to use MTK Droid Tools

Using the MTK Droid tool is very easy. You don’t need to be a super pro. But before we start, you need to have these things.

  • And MTK based Smartphones.
  • MTK Droid Tool on your PC
  • USB Cable
  • And USB VCOM Driver


  • Go to phone settings and enable USB Debugging
  • Install ADB Driver VCOM on your PC
  • Go to any link and download and install MTK Droid Tool
  • Connect your phone using a USB Cable
  • Select “Block Map”
  • “Create Scatter File” click on this tab, and it’s done.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. How do I install MTK Droid Tools on my PC?

Follow our links, download the latest version, and “run as administrator.” The installer wizard will appear, and you will have to allow everything that recommends the wizard. And that isthe software will install automatically.

2. How do I make a scatter file with MTK Droid Tools?

First, you need to start the MTK Droid tool. Then connect your phone with your pc. Allow the tool to access your phone. Click “block map” then “create scatter file.”

3. How do I pair my MTK Droid Tools?

Install the MTK Droid tool on your PC. Now install the ADB Driver for your phone. By this, you will pair your MTK Droid Tools.

4. What is MTK scatter file?

A scatter file is a text-based file for MediaTek Device. It contains all the logs of a MediaTek Arm Architecture. And you need the file to flash Custom or Stock ROM.


Well, you have all the information you need to use the MTK droid tool. This MTK special tool saves many MediaTek User’s life. You can find your device bricked even without any warning.


But if you have this tool, you can save your phone on your own. We are not taking any responsibilities if you damage your phone’s system. Yet, the official MTK droid tool is a must.

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