MT6735 DB File Download For IMEI Repair And Fix Baseband

Often we see Mediatek processors users complain that they don’t find any available files or tools to root or flash their phones with MediaTek processors. Yes, their accusation is correct. There are very few files or rivers to root a MediaTek device compared to a Qualcomm one.

This article will be only for MediaTek users who want to root or edit their device’s IMEI number. If your phone’s existing processor is Mediatek and you wish to root, rewrite or flash the phone’s ROM, you can use the MT6735 DB File.

This DB or database file is an all-in-one driver for all types of Mediatek devices. So today, we’re going to discuss everything related to this database file and share the download link.

Why Use Mediatek Database File?

If you want to flash or root your Mediatek android device, there’s no alternative to using the DB or database files. As we said above, the database files are an all-in-one tool or driver for all kinds of rooting and repairing an android device.

Whether you use a Vivo, Micromax, or Xiaomi device, there’s an MT6735 Database File for them. And this file is a must while rooting and installing a custom ROM in your MediaTek phone.

Features of the MediaTek Database File-

  1. This is a complete package for rooting, flashing, and repairing your android device with MediaTek processors.
  2. The database file can be used to switch to a custom ROM from a stock one by flashing.
  3. If your device’s IMEI number has been lost or needs to repair it, you can use the MT6735 Database File.  Besides, it allows using up to 4 IMEI numbers for a single android device.
  4. If you want to remove your phone’s IMEI lock setting, you can also do it with the help of this database file from MediaTek processors.
  5. Alongside repairing and rewriting the IMEI number, you can also flash other drivers or network options like wifi address, MCI, Barcode, etc.

Download MT6735 DB File

In this part, we’ll be sharing the Database file’s updated version for you. The updated version lets you root your MediaTek processor without any hassle. But you must remember, using this MT6735 IMEI Repair DB File will void your device’s warranty.

Flashing your Meditek processor can help you get the experience of a custom ROM (if you want). But the flashing process can freeze your MediaTek processor device like Vivo, Micromax, and other models.

Download MTK DB File

How to Use MT6735 DB File For IMEI Repair

  • For flashing the Mediatek device, first, download the  MT6735 DB File on your PC.
  • Turn your PC’s virus protection while downloading the DB file.
  • Download DB file for the phone as well
  • Check the option named USB debugging in your Meditek device’s USD.
  • In the IMEI option, you need to select both USB and phone options for rewriting
  • Then you need to select the MT6735 IMEI Repair DB File.
  • Now you’ll see around four options. Select IMEI number from them.
  • Next, you need to input any IMEI number you wish manually
  • Turn fo your device after selecting “start.”
  •  Connect your turned-off android device with a PC using USB.
  •  After that, your Mediatek device will be automatically flashed and generate a new IMEI number that you entered earlier!


So next time, if you need to rewrite or edit your phone’s IMEI number, use the MT6735 DB File. But know that rewriting your phone’s IMEI number is illegal. Also, you can flash or rot the Meditek processors stock Rom as well.

So that’s it. Good luck using the database file for Mediatek processors.

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