MT6582 DB File Download for Solved Invalid IMEI Number

Sometimes flashing a phone or installing a custom ROM can erase the IMEI number of the phone. If you are also having this problem, then you are in the right place. We will provide you a guide about why you are getting invalid IMEI and how you can solve it.

MT6582 DB File

What is MT6582 DB File

The Database file is a helper when it comes to repairing IMEI. The MT6582 DB file contains every important developer information and program you need to fix your phone.

The Database files contain the original “Source Code” and “License” from the manufacturers. When you are flashing your phone with custom ROM, you are losing the warranty.

And sometimes, your OEM license and source code get erased from your phone. And the results you will get an invalid IMEI on your phone.

If you have a backup of your phone’s original DB files, you can fix your problem after every flash. Android phones based on MT 6582 chipsets only accepts MT6582 DB file. You can’t flash any other file to fix your problem.

Download MTK 6582 Database File

As most china phone uses MediaTek chipsets, you may have one of those. Or if you have an official Phone, that doesn’t matter much. Every phone is different in build number and kernel.

Now, if you have a 4G phone based on the MT6582 chipset, you will need the MT6582 LTE version Database file. And those who have a 3G phone must use the MT6582 DB File.

For your comfort, we have got both of the files for you. Here are the links:

Step by Step Guide for Repair MediaTek MT6582 Chipset Smartphone

Now we will share the step-by-step guide for repairing MediaTek MT6582 Chipset Smartphone IMEI. The necessary tools that we need to complete this process are already in our article. Now you just have to follow along.

  • Download the Maui Meta Tool IMEI repair tool on your PC, and extract it.
  • Get the MT6582 DB File from the link above. Extract it into the same folder.
  • Install Maui Meta allow all the prompts from install Wizard.
  • After the installation is complete, Launch the IMEI Repair tool.
  • “Run as Administrator” and then click “Yes.”
  • Now click on “Reconnect,” and it will show a ‘Green’ light.
  • Power Off your smartphone and then connect using a USB cable.

Important: Press and hold the volume down button and connect the micro USB

  • Wait for your phone to power up.
  • Once connected successfully, you will see a ‘Yellow’ light and a Pop-up Window. Close the popup.
  • The software will automatically select your phone.
  • Go to the Get Version tab and select “IMEI Download.”
  • Now you have to select MT6582 DB File by clicking on “Change NVRAM Database File.”
  • Now click “Download to Flash,” and you are good to go. Restart the phone, and an Invalid IMEI Number is Solved.


Now you know that why you are having the Invalid IMEI and also the step-by-step solution. So, you can repair your phone quickly. Remember, changing IMEI is illegal. Please don’t change your IMEI unless it’s necessary, and always use the original IMEI.

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