Moto Fastboot Driver With Fastboot Flashing Tool Download

Motorola is a reputed smartphone manufacturer company in the present market. They have launched many Android and Windows platform devices. 

Motorola also provides several USB drivers to connect their devices to computers. If you download the latest version of these Motorola USB drivers, you don’t need any other software to connect your Motorola device with PC. Moto Fastboot Driver is one of such drivers, which is our discussion topic today.

Motorola Fastboot Driver is mainly needed to unlock the Motorola device Bootloader. It’s also used to root the Motorola Android devices or to install custom recovery on the device. 

Motorola provides user-friendly Fastboot Drivers for this purpose. They provide Installer file package (in .exe format) with the drivers which makes it very simple and easy to install and use. Therefore, you can install it like other regular software of Windows Computer and use this driver for several reasons.

Motorola USB Driver Features

In this article, we will give you the download links of Motorola USB drivers for Windows. But, before that, you should know the basic features of this driver and what it does actually. 

In recent years, people are not using Motorola devices so frequently. But initially, Motorola was ruling on the smartphone industry! After some ups and downs, it tried to get back as a foldable device.

Motorola has also launched a good series of well-performing Android One. All these smartphones offer a variety of features at a reasonable price.

However, you need to install the Motorola USB driver to access the important features of the device from your PC. The fundamental features or functionalities of the Motorola driver are listed below: 

  • Establish Motorola device to PC connection.
  • The device will be charged from the PC.
  • The devices share and shuffle the date via data cable.
  • Copy or transfer data from mobile to PC or PC to Motorola mobile.
  • The driver needs only a one-time installation and you can use it free.
  • It can solve the Motorola PC suite issue if you are using it.
  • The free Motorola Fastboot Drivers Windows 10 Download link is always available in the following website:

If you use Motorola Device Manager, you must have Motorola USB drivers. But as a gift, most of the time the device manager itself comes with inbuilt USB drivers! 

If you don’t get it with the manager, you can manually download it from the given link.

The List Of Motorola USB Driver

Here is the List of Motorola USB drivers Supported devices:

Motorola Razr 5G

Motorola Moto G8 Power Lite

Motorola Charm

Motorola Moto G9 Plus

Motorola Edge

Motorola Citrus WX445

Motorola Moto E7 Plus

Motorola Edge+

Motorola Citrus WX445

Motorola One 5G

Motorola A1260

Motorola Cliq 2

Motorola Moto G9 Play

Motorola A1680

Motorola Defy

Motorola Moto G9

Motorola Admiral XT603

Motorola Defy+

Motorola Moto G 5G Plus

Motorola Atrix

Motorola Defy Mini XT320

Motorola One Fusion

Motorola Atrix 4G

Motorola Defy Mini XT321

Motorola One Fusion+

Motorola Atrix TV XT687

Motorola Defy Pro XT560

Motorola Moto G Fast

Motorola Atrix HD MB886

Motorola Defy XT535

Motorola Moto G Pro

Motorola Atrix TV XT682

Motorola Dext MB220

Motorola Moto E (2020)

Motorola Backflip

Motorola Droid 2

Motorola Moto E6s (2020)

Motorola Bravo MB5203

Motorola Droid 2 Global

We have listed some of the devices here, you will find the full list of Motorola USB drivers from the following link: Download Link

Motorola Fastboot Flashing Tool

Motorola Fastboot Flashing tool is a simple tool with an easy-operating interface. This flashing tool is designed only for Motorola Android devices. You just have to install the flash file, Moto Fastboot Flashing tool will do the rest! 

The one press flash feature of the tool will make your task so easy as just one button click. After the flashing is completed, the tool automatically reboots the Motorola device. But you have to avail this option by changing necessary settings of the app. 

Features of Moto Flashing tool

  • Completely free flashing tool.
  • Simplest user interface with just one button.
  • Offers one-click flashing feature.
  • Reboots automatically after flashing.
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 or Windows XP

How to install Motorola Fastboot Flashing tool

  • First, download the Moto Fastboot Flash Tool from here: Motorola USB Driver Windows 10 64B: Download
  • Extract this downloaded file to get the .RAR or ZIP file.

There is no need to install the Moto Flash Tool, you can run it directly. So, after extracting the file into a folder, directly run it with the administrator. 

After that, you have to download the flash file compatible with your Motorola device model. 

Then, connect the Motorola phone to your PC with a USB cable, after loading the flash file.

Now, your tool is ready to flash your device with one click!

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