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If you use an MTK device, we recommend checking out the mobileuncle tools that allow you to work on multiple reinforcement taskson the same device.The mobileuncle tools grant you the feature to access your phone’s in-depth information without any issues.

Mobileuncle Tools

Most smartphone users are unaware of their general information, such as the processor’s name or model number. Now, you can use the mobileuncle tools to get access to that Infos. When you open the application, tap on device info; it will then display all the data like – model, CPU, kernel, OS, screen, RAM, ROM memory, mount status, and building info.

While writing the article, the primary goal was to give you an in-depth look at the mobileuncle tools application and its features.

What is Mobileuncle Tools APK

The mobileuncle tool APK is a free to download android application which allows you to backup your IMEI, pull up device information, use flash recovery, and recover device data. It is a fantastic app that gives you the option to modify your IMEI number using the engineer mode, and you can also update stock firmware on your device.

If you have a single or dual SIM device and want to backup the IMEI, you can use this tool. Moreover, you can also troubleshoot GPS to solve any problems you have with the smartphone’s GPS.

However, you will need root or SupersuSU access to run the mobileuncle tools on your device. The root access will grant you the recovery mode feature on your device and the engineer mode to modify your smartphone.

It is a perfect tool to alter and backup your IMEI number, flash firmware, and pull up the device’s information in just one click.

The Feature Of Mobiuncle Tools APK

Device info

For those who want to know all about their smartphone, the mobileuncle tool is a perfect application for you. It allows you to access the information on your phone very easily. You can now know about your CPU, kernel, OS, IMEI number, RAM, ROM memory, and built info quickly with just one software in your device.

Recovery mode feature

The tool allows you to update the recovery option on your phone. It gives you the option to get a new recovery update without flashing, rebooting, or deleting any data from your device. Moreover, you can also flash recover from your smartphone much faster.

Engineer mode feature

The IMEI number is a unique serial number of your device. That number is specific to your device, and you can see that number with the mobileuncle APK. Not only that, but it also lets you modify the IMEI according to your specifications. Moreover, you can also adjust the parameter on your MTK device.

Flashing firmware

 You can use the tool to flash the stock firmware on your phone. It gives you the flexibility to externally download the new firmware on your SD card and then access the card to install the new firmware on your phone.

Other features

You can use the application to backup the IMEI number, whether it is a single or a dual SIM phone. Moreover, you can restore it to default later if you want. You can also troubleshoot the GPS in your device and fix any issue in one tab. The recovery mode rebooting is also faster. Another thing is that the application allows you to access pre-installed apps from the SD card.

How To Use Mobile Uncle Tools APK

Most people who use the mobileuncle tools use it to change and modify their IMEI and adjust the device’s parameters. However, you will be in the engineer mode to access the IMEI modification feature from the application.

  • First, start the application of the mobileuncle tools and tap on the engineer mode option.
  • When in the mode, tap on the engineer mode (MTK). However, if you do not have that option, you can try the code method (*#*#3646633#*#*) or reinstall the app with the latest version.
  • Then you will see the telephony option, and besides that, there should be a connectivity option—swipe to the connectivity option to select it.
  • In the connectivity tab, you will CDS information. Go into the CDS information tab.
  • Then, select the radio information option, and your device will prompt you to choose a SIM. It depends on which SIM’s IMEI number you want to know or modify.
  • If it is SIM 1, then tap where you can see AT + and type E. Then select the first option that comes up on your screen.
  • Now, tap between the AT and + to add one space, then in the double columns, place space and type the new IMEI number that you want to set.
  • After that, hit send to command, and you will get a msent notification, then restart the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

MobileUncle is Now Discontinued?

Answer: No, the app is not discontinued, but now it has a new name which is ToolHero. With a new name and a newer, faster, and better user interface, the application is now out in the market. Moreover, you also get more features such as – batch uninstalling, 2D code scanning, junk cleanup, memory acceleration, and auto-start management.

How To Flash Recovery Image Using MobileUncle MTK Tools?

  • First, get the latest version of the mobileuncle tools and download the recovery image on your device.
  • Now open the application and select recovery update and then recovery image file.
  • After that, you will have a flash recovery image on your device.

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  • Now, press Go and wait till the process is done, and then press the download button.
  • Your IDM will automatically start, and the download will begin of your torrent file.

What is Mobileuncle MTK Tools?

It is an application that allows you to change or modify your SIM’s IMEI number. Moreover, you can also access your device’s CPU, kernel, OS, RAM, and ROM memory information with just straightforward software on your device.


The mobileuncle APK is a small but fantastic application for those who want to access all the information on your device. You can also update the stock firmware and the recovery option of your device. Moreover, you also get the flexibility to customize the IMEI of each SIM in your phone.

IF you are looking for software that gives all in one option to control, change, and modify your device, then the mobileuncle tools in the one for you.

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