Miracle Box Thunder Latest Setup File V3.12 Download

Miracle box is a particular type of software that allows you to unlock mobile or smartphones. You can use this application to unlock the bootloader, decode the bootloader, unlock passwords, FRP unlocks, Screen unlocks, and many more.

Miracle Box

This software will let you work on pretty much all the Chinese phones available on the market. Miracle box enables you to work with phones containing MTK chipsets, Qualcomm chipsets, and few other companies. So, you can work on all most every device.

Miracle Box is a dongle application that works as a mobile phone repair software. It is very popular with Chinese mobile phones or smartphones. You can work on the majority of smartphones available on the market with this particular application.

This application has some particular trade-offs that you will not find on any other devices. There is a steel box, a dongle that you need to insert before working with the software. You can also use this software without the dongle. Just Download Miracle Box, use the Miracle Box Crack, and use the application.

Features of Miracle Box Latest Setup

There are lots of features available on the Miracle box. You can use it on almost all smartphone devices, so here are the features one by one for you:

  • It can edit and work on the android version of your phone.
  • You can use it on Samsung, Huawei, Blackberry, and many other devices directly.
  • There is an option for all MTK and Qualcomm devices.
  • You can Read info, Unlock IEMI, Recover Bad Factory, Clear code (ADB) the device.
  • You can also Unlock File, Network Unlock, Read Code(Sim), Formate the device.

These are only a few options; once you open it, you will find an array of options that will be available for you.

Miracle Box all version download links

Miracle Box Tool is a splendid application for your computer that you can use to repair your mobile devices, mostly smartphones. The essential central part supports all the chipsets that you can find on the market. Trendy ones. Here are Miracle box download links for all the versions:

You can click on the names of the versions to download the application. It will best work if you have the dongle. But mostly, you can use it by just downloading the application.

How to Install Miracle Box

You can easily download the Miracle Box and install it on your computer. Usually, you can find it as a Miracle Box Tool. We have given the links to our article, and now we will show you the step by step process of installing Miracle Box.

  • Download the Miracle Box tool using the link.
  • Extract the file to your desired location.
  • Go to Control Panel and device manager.
  • Click on any base group and click on action tab.
  • Then click on add legacy hardware.
  • Add hardware wizard will come.
  • Continue the process.
  • Click manual installation.
  • Select have a disk.
  • Now go to the destination file of extracted.
  • Select the file based on your operating system 32 or 64 bit.
  • Click open, and you will see drivers.
  • Choose MediaTekPreloader USB VCOM PORT and press next.
  • Click next and then finish.
  • Your driver will appear on the list.

How to use Miracle Box

The usability of Miracle Box is very easy and simple. We have gathered the step by step information on how to use the Miracle Box tool. Here are the steps:

  • Double click on the Miracle Loader.exe file.
  • Let it open its dashboard.
  • Choose the MTK button.
  • Click on write in the box.
  • You will see the chipset of the smartphone.
  • Open the folder icon and select the desired .bin file.
  • Now select the start button.
  • Turn off the smartphone and connect it with the computer with a USB cable.
  • The application will automatically detect the device and start working.
  • Let it rest till 100%
  • When it goes to 100%, let it wait a little more and then close the application and disconnect the phone.
  • Turn on and enjoy.

Remember you need a windows 7 operating computer to do this process.

Frequently Asked Question

We have been thinking like you and found out few questions that you may ask. Here are those:

1. What is a Miracle Box Setup Tool?

= It is a process that allows you to install Miracle Box. It is a simple process. You can see it in our article on the para of how to install Miracle box.

2. How much does Miracle Box cost?

= Miracle box costs around 125$ on Amazon, You can get the free software from our article.

3. What is Miracle Box crack?

= Miracle box crack is the cracked version of the Miracle box tool. It helps you to repair smartphones.

4. How do I use Miracle Box?

= It is a straightforward process. You just have to follow the step by step process we provided on our article. This application has a straightforward process, and anyone can use it.


Miracle Box is an application that will give you an array of ways to the world of smartphone developing options. You can Unlock FRP and do various other works.

This application is available online. You can click on the name of the versions to download Miracle Box. We have mentioned the Miracle Box Setup with step by step process. Do keep in mind that you have to use windows 7 pc, and you have to install Miracle box thunder 3.09v before installing the latest one.

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