Xiaomi Mi Account Remove File Download (All Model) Updated

As you are looking for a Mi account remove file that means you forgot your password or you don’t know. One more chance of looking for the files means you want to unlock the bootloader. Xiaomi used to produce bootloader unlocked devices. But in the updated models, they are starting to lock bootloaders too.  Now in this article, we are going to explain 3 ways to remove your mi locked account.

Mi Account Remove File

3 different software and files list that you can use for mi account remove file.

Here are some of MI account removal files. Download all mi account remove files and easily remove mi cloud lock:

Mi Account Unlock Tool

The best possible way to remove an account from your Redmi phone is bypassing cloud verification. Only this will allow you to remove your Mi Account from your device. One of the best solutions to your problem is Xiaomi Account Unlock Tool.It unlocks almost any Xiaomi and Redmi Phone, new and old versions.

Mi Account Unlock Tool
  • The Mi Account Unlock Tool.
  • Install it on your computer.
  • Start your phone in Recovery Mode.
  • Connect your phone to your PC
  • Click on the information button.
  • And then just press bypass account.
  • And your Mi account remove file will download automatically.

S Mi Tool

The next option for you is S Mi Tool. You will love this tool. Let’s just know what this tool features. This tool works as an ADB driver tool. So, you can add your ADB driver using this tool for rooting purposes. It has A Driver tool to add drivers manually.  Fastboot tool that works for unlocking the bootloader. And the best and what you desire from this tool the Firmware Downloader.

S MI Tool
  • Go to the Download tab on the software.
  • Select Special File xBootloader+MiCloud+Frp Unlock [More files will in V0.3.0 beta3 release]
  • Click on Fetch Data.
  • Then select your phone.
  • Then a download prompt will appear.
  • Save the files and that it.
  • You got your Mi Account remove file. You can use the SP Flash tool or Mi Flash tool to use that file and remove your account.

Account Removing with Flash Tools

Both tools we mentioned are one-click tools. They should work fine on your phone. Yet if you don’t get what you desire, don’t worry. We got you covered. After the new update, you need to Authorize with Mi Authorization Tool.

Mi Flash Tool

And here’s what we are going to be doing. We have to get the patched Firehose file for your Xiaomi phone (prog emmc firehose 8953 ddr.mbn). This means that the file has been changed from an approved Xiaomi account to be flashed on your phone directly. Your Xiaomi phone would be unbricked after this Firehose file has been flashed, and the Mi Account Authorization problem would eventually also be resolved. In this regard, here are all the necessary instructions.

These steps will be needed for Redmi 6 and Redmi 7 Series Users only.

Step 1

To recognize your phone with your PC in EDL mode, you have to install Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008. Go ahead and download these drivers on your PC.

If this fails, you can download the manual installation files from here: Qualcomm-Driver.zip.

Step 2

Download and install SDK Platform Tools for Android. This is important to identify your phone in fast-boot mode. Your system will not be able to Fastboot from now but will be booted from EDL mode later during the flashing method. And this method can come in handy at that point in time.

Step 3

Download the SP Flash tool or Mi Flash tool. These tools can flash both stock firmware and custom firmware into your device.

Step 4

Now you have to extract the stock firmware of your device into the SDK Platform tool folder.

Step 5

Get the files from this link for Redmi 7 series here.

Step 6

Now you will need to search for the patched firehose file of your device. You will be able to find that file when you extract your stock firmware. The file should be named something like this (prog_emmc_firehose_8953_ddr.mbn). Once you download the files from the link, then replace them with the root file.

Step 7

Now the firehose file is replaced, now it’s ready for flash the firmware. Your phone should be booted into EDL mode for this purpose. Most of the time, your device should start in EDL mode. If not, then turn off your phone and press and hold down the power + volume buttons together and attach your system immediately to your PC.

Your phone then boots in EDL mode, and you will also see the LED light flickering. Under these situations, the phone cannot be turned off. Therefore, your only bet is to wait for your unit to be completely unloaded. You could also get the error message “FAILED (Failed read status (Too many links))” when booting to EDL.  Just overlook this notification because it’s not in a disturbance with EDL mode.

Step 8

We have the required applications and drivers updated and have a patched firehose file in the firmware. Now is the time to flash via Mi Flash Tool this firmware paper.


If you forget your MI account password or want to change the password, above are the details of how you can flash Xiaomi phone.   You can flash your phone using any one of these.You can download any of the above files and flash the phone with SP Flash Tool or MI Flash Tool.

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