Lava Z61 Flash File Free Download (1GB And 2GB Ram) All Version

When you try to get the firmware for your phone, you get much confusion due to so much software on the market. Mostly new phones such as the Lava Z61, which are relatively new on the market, and the firmware files need updating from time to time. However, the Lava Z61 flash file will reduce any issues that you might be facing on the phone.

Lava Z61 Flash File

If you buy the Lava Z61 and face firmware issues such as file errors or ROM errors, installing the new firmware will eliminate the Lava Z61 file error issues.

That is the article’s basic idea to give an overview of the firmware and how you can install and update the Lava Z61 flash file in just a few seconds.

Lava Z61 Flash File Download For 1GB And 2Gb RAM

If you have the 1 GB model of the Lava Z61 and have issues, we recommend updating the firmware as you get the device. You will have to download the new firmware from the website or search in Google for the software with the accurate model details. However, before you download the firmware, make sure it is the right one for the 1 GB Z61 phone. Moreover, for the Lava Z61 1 GB RAM flash file, we recommend getting the S154 version as it is more efficient and solves the dead phone while flashing problem.

On the other hand, if you have the 2 GB version of the Z61, then we suggest you check out the S143 version of the Lava Z61 2GB RAM flash file firmware. It is more compatible with the phone as the software is more up to date and has no bugs to date, which can cause issues for your phone.

Lava Z61 FRP File Download

FRP is the factory reset protection which is a new feature in newer phones.  It automatically enables itself when you add your Google account to your phone. If the FRP is ON, it will prevent you from using the device after a hard factory rests on your phone. So, you will need to disable the FRP feature before you perform a hard factory reset.

If you want to bypass the FRP or download the FRP, then

  • First, make sure that you have an 80% charge on your phone, as the bypass process will take a lot of energy. Moreover, downloading will not do any such thing.
  • Then, you will need a stable internet or wifi connection on your phone.
  • After that, take a full backup on your phone.
  • Then download the FRP file and the FRP tool, which will allow you to bypass the FRP on the device.

Lava Z61 1GB Ram Flash File All Version Download Link

Lava Z61 2GB RAM Flash File All Version Download Link

Lava Z61 Da File Download For Google Account Remove

The Google account removable through the FRP bypass a battery-draining process, so make sure your device has enough energy. You will need new tools, and we recommend using your PC or laptop for easy navigation. Moreover, every step is crucial, and you will have to follow them accordingly to get the results. Those are –

  • Firstly, you will have to download the FRP bypass tool, Android MTK USB driver, and the FRP reset file.
  • Then you will install the VCOM drivers on your laptop or PC.
  • Now extract the Lava Z61 FRP reset file zip and the SP flash tool and then run it.
  • On the tool, you will go to the download-agent option and load the MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin file.
  •  Then choose the MT6739_Android_scatter.txt file from the scatter-loading file section.
  • Now go to the FORMAT tab, then manual format flash, and then you will have to change the Begin Address[HEX]”&” Format Length[HEX], where the Begin HEX code will be 0x2d88000 and Format HEX will be 0x100000.
  • Then click start and come to the device to connect it to the pc.
  • When you connect the device, the FRP will automatically unlock, and you will have to restart the device.
  • After the restart, the phone will ask for your Google account, and you have successfully removed the account from your phone.

Check: FRP Bypass Video Guide

How to Flash Lava Z61

If you want to flash your Lava Z61, then –

  • First, download the MTK driver and the Latest SP flash tools, which you will have to extract.
  • Now start the tool from your PC or laptop.
  • Then in the tool, you will go to the scatter-loading option.
  • After that, assign the firmware from the “Android_scatter.txt.”
  • Then click on the download option, and the flashing process will start.
  • Finally, you will have to switch off your mobile and connect it to your PC. It will automatically flash your device, and you are done.


The Lava Z61 is a great device to have in your hands, although it is an electronic device and can show some issues. The best option is to download the Lava Z61 flash file to flash and restore the mobile with the new firmware when there are such problems.

That is why we came up with this article which will help you flash your Lava Z61 quickly without any issues.

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