How To Remove Lava Z50 FRP Lock With SP Flash Tool

Please be cautious in using the Lava Z50 FRP Lock Remove and reset the FRP lock. Because this method can actually brick your phone if not done correctly. Similarly, we recommend that you find someone who has the technical expertise to remove the FRP lock on the LAVA Z50.

This method can be used without any other Flash tool to complete. This is especially true for the Lava Z50 FRP Lock Reset File, which is essential for the phone driver installation and other flashing capabilities.

LAVA Z50 USB driver or flash tool

To reset the FRP lock on LAVA Z50, you can try to the USB driver tool to repair it. It would help if you do this when your battery is 80%; otherwise, make sure you charge it first before attempting to flash it.

Lava Z50 FRP Lock Remove Guide With SP Flash Tool

Open the flash SP tool, then click the Download-Agent radio button, then select the DA_SWSEC.bin file, then click the scatter file, then click the scatter load button, and select

Lava Z50 FRP Reset Code

  • Please copy the code 0x100000 and paste it in the format length
  • Now click the start button
  • Turn off your phone and wait 5 seconds
  • Press and hold the “Volume Up + Volume Down” button, plug the USB cable into the device, and then use the SP Flash tool to auto-detect the phone. If the phone is not detected, try holding the “Volume Up” button and insert the USB cable or press Volume Down “and connect the USB cable.
  • Wait for the process to complete

How To Bypass Lava Z50 FRP Lock Without PC

  • Turn on your Lava Z50.
  • Connect your Lava mobile phone to your Wi-Fi.
  • Go back to the welcome page and insert a SIM card with a contact on the SIM.
  • Emergency call, Double tap on emergency information
  • Add contact, choose a contact and click on it.
  • Long press on Gmail.
  • App info, then App notifications, and then additional settings in the app.
  • Next, Help and feedback and Search bar.
  • Search for Delete or disable apps on Android, then click Tap to access the application settings.
  • Go to the YouTube logo and then click on App notifications.
  • Additional Settings in the App, then about and Google Terms of Service.
  • A Chrome page actually appears on the screen.
  • Go online and find the Launcher from Apex APK:
  • Now install the actual Launcher and open it.
  • Go to Settings, then Security & Location and Device Admin App.
  • Disable Find My Device and Disable the admin app for this device.
  • Next, go to Screen lock and Activate then Lock device when unlocking.
  • Choose Pattern, choose YES and Draw a new pattern twice, then confirm.
  • Restart your Lava Z50, draw the pattern block and finally click Skip.

That’s all! You have successfully unlocked FRP Lava Z50 Gmail FRP Bypass without Android 8.1.0 Oreo PC.


Unlocking the FRP lock on the Lava Z50 allows anyone to use the phone that does not have the Gmail and password credentials that were there before and credentials that they may have access to if they bought the phone second hand, for example.

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