CM2 Qualcomm Tool Crack Without Box Download

The Chinese Miracle 2, or CM2, is a utility software with massive capacity to unlock and repair smartphones. Apart from being a top option for smartphones, CM2 can repair and unlock most Chinese-made smart devices.

Several features are available from the CM2 software, however, not all of these functions are available for free. The only way to maximize all functions of this software is with a CM2 Qualcomm Tool Crack. Several sources claim to offer 100% working CM2 Qualcomm Crack tools.

However, not all of these sites can offer functional CM2 Qualcomm Tool Crack Without Box downloads. But all that is about to change. Through the information in this post, maxing out support to fix your devices will surely be stress-free. 

What is CM2 Qualcomm Tool Crack?

CM2 Qualcomm tool crack is an unlocked version of the utility software for repairing smart devices. With the tool crack version, users do not need to pay any premium to access all features. After running the crack process, all that’s required is to connect your devices and run all repairs as normal.

Several version of the CM2 tool crack are available. However, it’s advised you settle for the latest updates to access new features and solve old bug issues.

Features of CM2 Qualcomm Tool Cracked

Here’s a list of some important features available through the CM2 Qualcomm tool:

  • Reset/fix FRP
  • Uncover new SIM
  • Device wipe, etc.

CM2 Dongle Qualcomm Crack Support Brand And Model

Here’s a list of supported Qualcomm-enabled devices that can run the CM2 dongle crack:

  1. Qualcomm MSM 8998 (SnapDragon 835): Xiaomi, Nokia, and some generic models
  2. Qualcomm MSM 8996 Pro (SnapDragon 821)
  3. Qualcomm MSM 8996 (SnapDragon 820)
  4. Qualcomm MSM 8994 (SnapDragon 810)
  5. Qualcomm MSM 8992 (SnapDragon 808)
  6. Qualcomm MSM 8976 Pro (SnapDragon 653): Vivo and other generic models
  7. Qualcomm MSM 8976 (SnapDragon 652): Vivo and other generic models
  8. Qualcomm MSM 8974/A/AA/AB (SnapDragon 801)
  9. Qualcomm MSM 8956 (SnapDragon 650): Generic phones, Lenovo, and some Alcatel models
  10. Qualcomm MSM 8953 (SnapDragon 625/pro/plus)
  11. Qualcomm MSM 8953 (SnapDragon 625 pro)
  12. Qualcomm MSM 8952 (SnapDragon 617)
  13. Qualcomm MSM 8940 (SnapDragon 435)
  14. Qualcomm MSM 8939 (SnapDragon 615)
  15. Qualcomm MSM 8937 (SnapDragon 430)
  16. Qualcomm MSM 8936 (SnapDragon 610)
  17. Qualcomm MSM 8929 (SnapDragon 415)
  18. Qualcomm MSM 8928 (SnapDragon 400)
  19. Qualcomm MSM 8926 (SnapDragon 400)
  20. Qualcomm MSM 8917 (SnapDragon 425)
  21. Qualcomm MSM 8916 (SnapDragon 410): Alcatel, few Oppo models, Coolpad
  22. Qualcomm MSM 8909 (SnapDragon 210): ZTE, Alcatel, few Oppo models, and Asus
  23. Qualcomm MSM 8905 (Mobile Platform 205)
  24. Qualcomm MSM 8628 (SnapDragon 400)
  25. Qualcomm MSM 8626 (SnapDragon 400)
  26. Qualcomm MSM 8612 (SnapDragon 200)
  27. Qualcomm MSM 8610 (SnapDragon 200)
  28. Qualcomm MSM 8609 (SnapDragon 210)
  29. Qualcomm MSM 8228 (SnapDragon 400)
  30. Qualcomm MSM 8226 (SnapDragon 400)
  31. Qualcomm MSM 8212 (SnapDragon 200)
  32. Qualcomm MSM 8210 (SnapDragon 200)
  33. Qualcomm MSM 8209 (SnapDragon 210)
  34. Qualcomm APQ 8009 (SnapDragon 210)

Apart from the devices specified above, the CM2 Qualcomm tool crack can run operations on the following devices:

  • Walton,
  • Symphony,
  • Samsung,
  • Q Mobile,
  • Oppo,
  • Nokia,
  • Micromax,
  • Mi,
  • Maximus,
  • LG,
  • Huawei,
  • HTC,
  • Alcatel,
  • Coolpad, and other generic brands

Most mobile phone models can run the CM2 dongle crack. All you need to do is find the matching Qualcomm model on your system.

Download CM2 Qualcomm Tool Crack Setup+ Loader

Access the CM2 Qualcomm tool crack and setup downloader. After accessing a direct download link, here’s how to proceed with your download:

  • Click on the Download button of your preferred CM2 Qualcomm model
  • Allow the download process to complete, saving the CM2 tool crack files onto your computer
  • Locate the CM2 Qualcomm tool crack zip file on your system (Most files are usually available on downloads)
  • Unpack the .zip or .rar file onto its corresponding folder for easy location. For example, if the zip file reads “CM2 Qualcomm v.2.0.1”. Extract the files to a suitable folder by right-clicking on the packed file and selecting “Extract to CM2 Qualcomm v.2.0.1”.
  • After the extraction process, locate the installation file ending with an .exe extension
  • Double-click on the installation file and select “Yes” when asked to “Run as Administrator”. If that option doesn’t appear immediately, right-click on the installation file, then select “Run as Administrator”
  • Allow the installation to run its course and click on “Finish”
  • You’re all set

After installation, you can locate the loader file from CM2’s file dump on the Start Menu.

Download From: Download Link 1 | Download Link 2 | Download Link 3

How To Use CM2 Qualcomm Tool Crack

Here’s a quick look at how best to use the CM2 Qualcomm tool crack (make sure your phone’s important files are backed up in a secondary drive or on your PC):

  • Turn off your device
  • Connect it to the PC using a USB cable
  • Press the volume down (–) and power (O/I) button together to boot your phone into its factory settings menu. After the phone accesses this menu, right click your device (on your PC)
  • Select what you want repaired in the device, or allow this software run automatically


The CM2 Qualcomm tool crack is an excellent option to repair errors on several smart devices. Leverage all the free tips this post provides, and maximize your device fixes without hassle.

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