Best Smart Tool Crack Without Dongle Download

The Best Smart Tool Crack(BST Dongle) is a professional device for phone software. It supports Flash to help you quickly refresh your Android smartphone with the best smart tools crack settings. If your Android smartphone is locked, you can use this software to unlock all screen locks easily.

Best Smart Tool Crack

The BST is also a powerful tool for repairs related to mobile phone software. With many features, you can quickly recover a failed device. Supported chipsets include MediaTek, Spreadtrum, and Qualcomm. Usually, it would help if you used a dongle to use the features of this tool.

However, this version is decrypted and does not require a dongle. So all you have actually todo is download the configuration. Install it on your PC and run it.

  • You can read the device information and the Flash from the factory.
  • It can Save the factory flash memory and back up the phone book.
  • Repair the IMEI of MediaTek-based devices and fix the IMEI for Qualcomm-based smartphones.
  • Close your account and clear the pattern and FRP and remove the pattern lock and the PIN lock.
  • Use the dialer to skip Google account verification and removes factory reset protection for all supported Android smartphones.
  • Activates the ADB / ADB reset mode and organizes data retrieval.
  • Remove FRP via ADB and also formats a device

Best Smart tool crack is a universal phone repair tool designed to support almost all smartphones available on the market. Therefore, it is difficult to list all cell phone brands, as the list grows each year. In summary, there are some brands of phones and chipsets that you can fix with this tool.

How to install the smart tool crack

Download the Best Smart tool crack on your laptop and click on the setup.exe file. Next, choose a language and following the prompts by clicking next until the end. So click next and then install it. Wait for the installation process to complete. And finally, click Finish.

The latest version of the best smart tool is 2021. Compatible with Windows XP, all the way up to Windows 10. This BST “Best Smart Tool” is intelligently developed for mobile Flash to unlock all FRP locks and another lock of features.

Similarly, the best smart tools support the following brand phones; Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, HTC, Huawei, Vivo, and many other mobile phone brands.

You can download the best smart tools crack program without a dongle from the download link below. The BST dongle has exciting features, depending on the requirements of your mobile. With these useful features, the BST dongle is at its best. It remains the most comprehensive mobile unlocking software tool in 2021.


From the discussion above, we can actually see that this is undoubtedly the Best Smart Tool Crack. This tool is actually easy to use. It’s entirely free for download, and you can even use it without having to buy a dongle accompaniment. It may not support many Android smartphones, but it is an excellent tool for the other devices that it works with. Basically, the BST dongle gives you easy access to mobile phone software without spending a dime.

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