Best Android Flash Driver for Your Phone in 2021

When you connect your phone with your PC or MAC, you can get this notification “USB Driver Not Recognized.” Or you can get a “Driver Installed” notification. It depends on your phone’s motherboard and your PC configuration. If you don’t know what an android flash driver is or you are not getting a perfect driver for your phone, you are in the right place.

Android Flash Driver

The android flash drive is the bridge between your pc and phone. It’s the software that your phone’s manufacturer provides in the phone’s motherboard. And it gets installed as soon as you plug in your phone to your Windows PC or MAC.

Android flash diver allows you to transfer data from your phone to your PC. Any files like images,videos,and audio, or even documents can’t move from pc to phone. Or phone to pc without setting the flash drive properly.

Not just that, it allows you to use other flash software like SP flash tool, Odin, Mi flash tool, SuperOne Click, etc.

These tools can help you set up custom ROMs and take a backup of your stock ROM. With a flash drive tool, you can repair your phone and install stock ware like the manufacturer.

Latest 2021 Android Flash Drivers

Almost every motherboard has its own flash drivers. MediaTek, Qualcomm, Samsung, or any company that makes motherboard chipset have their own Flash drives.

Most companies don’t share their drivers with customer levels. But most of them share their tool at least with the retailers or production levels. So, they can provide instant services to clients without sending the phone directly to the companies.

So, let’s have a look at the latest versions of android flash drivers from Most companies. And this list of the companies may have the brand of phone you are using.

Samsung USB Drivers

Samsung driver’slatest version Download

Samsung driver for 32bit PC Download

Samsung driver for 64bit PC Download

Samsung Kies for Window and MAC Download

android ADB driver Interface version 2.9.510.0 for Samsung Download

USB Driver for OnePlus

Driver Compatible with Windows and Mac Download

MediaTek USD Drivers

Latest MTK VCOM Download

MediaTek USB latest version driver Download

Android USB Driver for Motorola

Download the latest windows version

Download the latest Mac version

Google Android Driver for Android

Download thelatest google ADB flash driver

Download newest version flash driver for Pixel/Nexus

Universal naked driver Download

Spreadtrum USB Driver

Spreadtrum USB driver latest version Download

Spreadtrum USB driver version R4.20.0201 Download

HTC Driver for Android

Download HTC android driver latest version

Sync manager for Windows

Sync manager for Mac

For old devices, Download Sync 3.3.63

Sony USB Driver

Get the latest Sony USB driver from Here

Sony PC companion Download for PC

Sony PC companion Download for MACOS

Sony Xperia phones driver XpireFirm Tool

Flash Driver for LG Smartphones

LG latest version for Windows and MAC Download

Flash and UP tool from LG Download

UpperCut Tools from LG Download

Lenovo Flash Tool

Latest USB driver for Lenovo Download

A smart assistant from Lenovo Download

LePhone2.0 USB Driver Download

Dell USB Driver

Latest Dell flash driver Download.

Intel USB Driver

Intel USB driver latest version Download

ZTE USB Driver

The latest version of ZTE android driver Download Link

LeECO Android Flash Driver

Updated LeECO ADB driver Download

ASUS Android USB Drive

ASUS USB flash driver latest version Download

ASUS PC Suit new version Download


Download latest USB driver for HUAWEI

HiSuitelatest version Download

Acer USB Driver

Latest Acer USB driver Download

Sharp USB Flash Driver

The latest version of USB flash driver Download

Amazon USB Driver

The latest version from Amazon flash driver Download.

PanTech USB Flash Driver

Latest Pantech flash driver Download

XIAOMI Flash Driver for Android

Xiaomi phone manager latest version Download link

Latest USB driver for Xiaomi device Download

MicroMax Flash Driver

Latest Micromax USB driver Download

Vivo USB Flash Driver

The latest version from Vivo Here

Most Used Phones Flash Drivers

We have present you with the list of Almost every brand driver that has launched new phones regularly. And undoubtedly, every 8 out of 10 phone users are using one of these brands. Yet, we will share some details about the top 3 chipset flash drivers that are flooding the market.

Our chosen flash drivers are MediaTek Flash Drive, Qualcomm Flash Drive, And SPD Flash Drive. Most Android users are using either of these chipset integrated smartphones.

MTK USB Android Flash Driver

The MTK USB driver is a framework that allows you to connect a Phone or Smartwatch from MediaTek to your computer. It also lets you detect the connection when flashing your phone, flashing IMEI, and moving data between your computer and mobile phone.

This driver assistance extends to the entire operating system. You must install a certain driver, which is classified as the MTK USB VCOM driver, on your desktop if you wish to connect MediaTek mobile phone to the computer.

The driver allows you to detect your MediaTek Smartphone on your device.

List of USB Flash Drive on MediaTek Device

Qualcomm Android USB Driver

Qualcomm USB Driver is an important tool if you have an android device based in Qualcomm and want to connect the device to the PC for files switch, device flashing, and much more.

Qualcomm Driver Qdloader 9008 can be used to connect to the machine Xiaomi and other smartphones to fix the dead device, unbricking and other issues.

There are several brands using Qualcomm chipsets for their smartphones. Qualcomm Driver Qdleader 9008 will help you unbrick your phone. Flash with new or custom ROM for transfer files between your computer to smartphone.

Suppose your system is one of those devices run by Qualcomm. The USB driver of Qualcomm is Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 compatibles. You cannot locate your smartphone and flash the gadget with the flash tool if you do not have it loaded on your PC.

However, if you have strong knowledge of the process and are an expert Android user, you can just use the Qualcomm USB driver for unbricking and flashing your smartphones. For any bootloops or failures and losses to your computer, we are not accountable.

List of Qualcomm USB Drivers

Qualcomm USB driver 9008 32bit for Windows

Qualcomm USB driver 9008 64bit for Windows

SPD Android USB Driver

SPD device users have the most hurdle to connect with PC. Most Spreadtrumdevices can’t install the drive on PC automatically. So sometimes, you have to install drivers from other sources manually.

Users can face several problems when using SPD chipsets. For example, exchange of phone-to-PC files, firmware flash, etc. You need an SPD USB driver to run the SPD flash tool in order to fix these issues.

 ADB driver cannot help you here solely. Both tools help you to flash the SPD unit perfectly. The new edition from here is SPD driver 2020. It will be supported by all SPD chipsets.

Download the latest version of SPD USB Driver from here

Spreadtrum USB driver latest version Download

Spreadtrum USB driver version R4.20.0201 Download

Here are the Top FAQs

1. How do I download android USB drivers?

You need to search for your phone’s model with the keyword “Android USB Driver,” which will show you a lot of results. Go to any of them, and you should get your tool.

Most companies don’t support the customer level distribution of their USB driver tools. But XDA developers are open-source programmers. So, you will find the important files on XDAdeveloper’s websites.

2. How do I installed device drivers?

  • Connect your phone to your PC through a USB cable.
  • Go to your computer device and drive manager.
  • Then search for portable and other devices.
  • Right-click on your phone and click update driver software
  • When the wizard pops up, select browse from my computer.
  • Go to the folder you kept the driver files.
  • Select click next and let the process continue

3. How do you fix a MTP driver problem?

  • Visit Microsoft official website
  • Get MTP porting kit
  • Install the software on your PC
  • Restart your computer after theinstallationprocess
  • Now connect your phone again


Now you got the idea of what an android flash drive is,how you can get your desired Flash Driver for your device. And what you can do with it. You have to search for your preferred driver tool to keep using your device connecting with your computer. Now you can update Firmware, Install Custom ROM or Root your device using flash tools.

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