Android Fastboot Reset Tool V1.2 Latest Version Download

Smartphone users are not always smart. Though it seems funny, many smartphone users forget their smart lock, password, and pins. An application like Android Fastboot Reset Tool can be a rescuer in that kind of situation. It is a particularly functional and handy tool for an android user not only for removing patterns but also for some other relevant tasks.

Android Fastboot Reset Tool v1.2

There are more android users on market than IOS users and any customization lover will prefer android because of easy use and credential backups. These backups can be done with the above-mentioned tool and the latest updated version is quite fascinating to use.

Android Fastboot Reset Tool is an advantageous and useful utility application to solve various issues of your android phone through your windows-based pc or laptop. Installing this tool on your PC/laptop can be of great use to you. If you have any wish to run a service center or if you wish to solve your basic android issues in your home, then install Android Fastboot Reset Tool on your pc or laptop. From the name, it can be assumed that this tool is used for resetting your android.

Without rooting your phone or breaking any law, it is possible to rescue your phone from different problems. This user-free and simple application are famous to many android users because of the simple interface issues and it is compatible with windows7, windows 8, windows 10 and it is smooth for new users too. 

The Features of Android Fastboot Reset Tool

This reset tool is user friendly and simple to use because of the features it offers. The offered features are really amazing and stunning for many tech-lovers. These features make many tasks easy and allow every user to have a smooth guideline. Some important features of this tool are:

  • Android devices like Qualcomm or MediaTek allow this tool to remove any kind of lock or pattern or pin.
  • The most hyped task which it can do is to go past FRP locks because this tool is otherwise named as Android Fastboot FPR Reset Tool which can only be used for resetting factory reset protections.
  • It can bypass the Mi cloud account and it helps to back up the Mi cloud memories.
  • This tool can bypass Google lock and helps to get back all the credentials.
  • Bypassing any kind of android lock in almost every kind of brands like Xiaomi, HTC, Lenovo, Motorolla, Yuereka, etc.
  • It can enter in EDL mode of your device.
  • This tool can boot into Download mode without rooting your android.
  • Even Samsung phone issues can be solved through this.
  • This tool can flash and restore the fingerprint lock and remove face locks too.
  • It is able to remove old Google, Samsung, and Mi accounts.

Android FRP Fastboot Reset Tool Download

So, maybe it is clearer to you how the Android Fastboot Reset Tool can be useful to you. And also, it is bragging to say that, it is also easy to install on your computer or laptop. People can easily download and install it on their Windows operating system by following some easier steps. Like:

Step-1) Find any safe downloading link through the search button of your Google and scan the link with any anti-virus options to not get into any further trouble.

Step-2) Download the link and find out where it has been saved.

Step-3) You will see, it is a zip file and so extract it on your computer.

Step-4) Once you are done with the extraction then you will get to see a list of files.

Step-5) Click on the Android Fastboot .exe file to use this Android Fastboot Reset Tool for PC.

How to Use Android Fastboot Reset Tool (Guide)

  1. For using this tool on your computer, install any smartphone-compatible Spreadtrum USB Driver to do the act smoothly and stably.
  2. Open the previously mentioned .exe file which is named as “Android Fastboot Reset Tool V1.2.exe” file as administrator.
  3. Next, you will see a new window with a list of actions.
  4. Then turn off your android device and boot it into Fastboot option.
  5. By using Volume Down and Power buttons in together, you can boot your phone into Fastboot mode. But it can be in any other according to the phone brand.
  6. Now, connect your phone with the computer through a USB cable.
  7. On the computer screen, from the action list (command prompt) type 1 and hit enter button.
  8. If it works to make a connection between phone and computer then proceed with the desired unlocking process.
  9. Now type the number or alphabet beside the action plot according to your task and hit enter button again. You have to remember your phone brand for a sure task to be done.
  10. Then disconnect your phone and computer. Most of the time, phone gets rebooted automatically. But if not then press and hold the power button of your phone to reboot it manually.

This is all for smooth use of the Android Fastboot Reset Tool and from the above-mentioned action list, you will get to see different types of 16 tasks to do with this application.

Smartphone users can use it easily even if they are non-techy persons. From the above-mentioned processes, it will be more convenient to use this tool to solve your android issues. Old citizens sometimes forget their passwords and pins; it is a favorable tool to solve this issue.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Why Android Fastboot Reset Tool?

  • Because, it is easier to use than any other tool, and the interface using is also simple. Also, it can solve basic issues.

2.What is the Android Fastboot Reset Tool?

  • It is a tool to solve some basic issues like removing fingerprints, passwords, patterns, or app locks from your phone through a computer. And this tool has to be installed on that computer.

3. Why one should use it?

  • To flash your phone, to remove any kind of FRP of any branded smartphone, to unlock Google or phone accounts one can use it without any kind of further problems.

4. How to use Android Fastboot FRP Reset Tool?

  • Anyone can use it by downloading and installing it on the computer and through some simple processes you can use it to solve basic android issues. You have to connect your phone with a USB cable to the computer.

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