Android ADB Platform Tools Download V28.0.0.

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is the heart of discussion in the world of Android development and modding. The term may appear to be critical to the new Smartphone users, but it’s not! Android Debug Bridge works to give you access to your device from the computer. And you can push commands to the device from your PC using ADB Platform Tools.

ADB Platform Tools

In this post, we’ll talk about these ADB Platform Tools, their features, user guide and provide their download links with the list.

Many users think that ADB is a useful tool only for root access to Android devices. But, it has a lot of functionalities to do with the unrooted Android devices also. 

By using Android ADB Platform Tools you can force the device to go on system-wide Immersive mode. You can bring the options of System UI (User Interface) Tuner in non-stock Android devices, tweak the Android navigation bar and so on. 

Getting the ADB Platform Tools and setting them is a very quick process using Google! We have gathered all peak information here to make your task easier! 

Download Adb Platform Tools List 

The list of latest revisions of SDK platform Tools and ADB versions are available in the following link: 

ADB Platform Tools Use Guide

If you are already done with the installation of ADB Platform Tools in your PC, you should follow the next steps as we will describe here. 

Enabling USB Debugging in the Phone: After installing the tool on PC, you have to take some actions on the Android phone. 

First, you need to enable the Developer Option which is hidden from the setting menu. If you have already enabled the developer option before, you don’t need to do these steps. 

  • Open the Setting option and find out System ( Skip this on Pre- Android Oreo phones)
  • Go to About Phone and for 7 times tap the Build Number option. Maintain quick succession while doing this! (In some models, this option may lie in Software Information
  • If the developer option is enabled successfully, you will get a message appeared on the screen.
  • You will find the Developer option in the list, after going back. 
  • Now you can enable the USB debugging from Settings option. 
  • Go to the Developer Options and Find out the USB debugging
  • Toggle the switch to turn it ON.

Now your Smartphone and PC both are ready to connect. You can give instructions to the Android device and run ADB commands.

  • Connect the Smart Device to PC using a USB data cable. 
  • ADB works only if the USB mode is PTP and you can enable it from the notification shade(most commonly). 
  • If any USB debugging pop-up appears, enable it.
  • Open the folder of ADB Platform Tools in the PC and press Shift+ Right Click
  • Open the Command prompt from the list.
  • Type ” ADB devices” in the prompt and press Enter. 
  • You will get a list of attached Android devices and now you can throw ADB commands.

Android ADB Platform Tools Command

There are so many operations of Android phones that need ADB. Some of the most useful commands of ADB Platform Tools are mentioned below: 

  • adb install C:\package.apk – This command is for installing the package (from C:\package.apk in your PC) on your Android device.
  • adb uninstall – It’s for uninstalling the package from the device with For example, to uninstall Angry birds app from your device, you have to write com.rovio.angrybirds as the name.
  • adb push C:\file /sdcard/file– This command will push any selected file from the PC to the device. As an instance, the written command will push the respective file from C drive of the computer to the sd card of the device.
  • adb pull /sdcard/file C:\file – This is the opposite or reverse command of the previous one(push). It works to pull any file from the Android device to the PC. 
  • adb logcat Through this command, you can view the log of your device, and it’s essential for debugging apps. 
  • adb shell – This command provides a Linux command line shell in the device that’s super interactive.
  • 12adb shell command – Use this command to run any particular shell command on the Android device. 

Frequently Asked Question

What are the SDK tools?

SDK Tools or SDK platform Tools are important parts of Android SDK which are needed to develop Android apps. 

SDK Tools include different kinds of tools related to the Android platform. For example, the most significant ADB, Fastboot, Systrace etc. are all the components of SDK Tools. You will also need these tools to unlock the bootloader of your Android device or to do a new system image flash.

How do I use platform tools SDK?

We have already mentioned some use of SDK tools. There are a lot of more features of these tools that will work on the latest versions of Android. 

Each revision of the tools comes with new features, but all of the versions are backwards compatible. So, you have to download only a single version of SDK Tools. 

Which Android SDK platform should I install?

It’s always better to download the latest version of SDK platform Tools as all the versions are backwards compatible. The following link provided in the next section will provide you with a list of available versions of SDK tools. 

How do I download Android SDK tools?

If you need the Android SDK Tools as an Android developer, you should download the latest revisions from the SDK Manager of Android Studio. Or you can download from the SDK manager command-line tool to ensure that all the tools are saved at the right place for later updates. 

But if you are not a developer, you can follow this link for Android SDK Tools ADB.

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