360 Root APK Download For Android Updated 2021

360 Root APK is an application for android devices that you can use to root your device for further custom firmware updates. If you want to work on your smartphone on various application or custom ROMs, you need to root it at first.

360 Root APK

Rooting a device give you lots of access on using a phone. If you want to work as an android developer or you want to customize your smartphone you can use this application or this option. Sometimes the security system of android operating system does not allow you root your device. So, keep reading to learn about 360 Root APK.

It is an application that allows you to root your android device. 360 Root APK application is the go to application if you want to root a device that uses android 2.2 to 4.4.  For many devices we face complications while rooting it.  But it is an application with an easy interface.

But it mainly comes in Chinese language but you can use 360 Root APK English Version Latest one to work without any problem

360 Root APK Features

Well, this is a very useful application with some important features. These features works directly for your smartphone or your android device. Those features are:

  • One press root: This is the main feature of 360 Root APK. To root a device you just have to click on the root button and everything will be set. The application will automatically root the device.
  • Straightforward Interface360 Root APK is a go to application as it has a simple user interface. Anyone can understand and work with this application.
  • Pre-installed application removal: You can remove pre-installed applications from your device using this tool. Usually, pre-installed applications do not give you the chance to remove it from your device. But this application lets you uninstall it at your will.
  • Lock Gallery: 360 Root APK lets you lock your gallery without using a 3rd party app. It allows you to operate the gallery through this application.
  • Cache Remover with System Cleaner: This application lets the user to remove cache files and clean the system for junk files. Usually, there are lots of unwanted files that download with any content we download. That is when this software kicks in and deletes those unnecessary files.

360 Root APK All Version Download

Well, there are lots of versions of 360 Root APK but not all of them are perfect for you. There are some versions called 360 Pro APK and 360 Super Root. For you we have tried to collect the best versions of 360 Root APK tool available. Those are:

These are all the versions of 360 Root APK. You can click on the link in order to download to your desired drive. Make sure you read the entire article to learn about this application before you start using, 

How to use 360 Root APP

360 Root APK tool is a versatile software that allows you to do various works. But it is a tool that you can use to upgrade your device and sometimes you can also ruin it too. But if you follow the steps we mentioned you will be able to work on your device. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Make sure you have at least 60% to 70% battery because you may ruin your phone if the battery dies out while working.

Step 2: Open the settings option then click security. After that go to Device administration.  There tick the unknown resources.

Step 3: Use the link from the article and download 360 Root APK.

Step 4: tap on the file to install it.

Step 5: Again you will get a warning just ignore that and install.

Step 6: Open the application and click on the Root button to start the process.

Step 7: Well done you device got rooted.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is 360 Root APK tool?

= It is an application that helps you to Root your smartphone and tablets.

2. Is it safe to work with 360 Root APK?

= Yes, It is safe to work with this application. But there are few things that you need to be aware of. So try to look for those in the article.

3. Will the warranty get void if I root my device?

= Yes, Manufacturers directly claim that you cannot root a device or else the official warranty will get void.


This is a splendid application that offers both APK version and 360 Root for PC. Not many people know about these types of applications, as everyday users are not efficient enough to work with this application.

We have mentioned all the versions of 360 Root APK and we did not miss the 360 Root APK Old versions too. We hope that our article helps you to understand the usability of this application.

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